QQTube Review: What Can This Social Media Promotion Platform Deliver?


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To build an online presence today, content creation and community management are paramount for both brands and individuals in this digital age. Social media happens to be the essential tool for achieving this goal. With platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook offering immense opportunities for growth, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

But is there a place in your digital marketing strategy for tools that help you get through the algorithm? This is where social media promotion platforms come into play. One such platform that we encountered for this was QQTube and in this article, we’ll check into their offering so you can develop your own opinion about whether this could work for your brand or not.

For this review, we tried the QQTube services out and received a voucher to fund the campaigns in their tool.

What is QQTube?

On the website of QQTube, we can quickly see in their footer that they have been around since 2013. This is a good indicator that you’re looking at a rather established organization. If you’re looking at third-party service providers, it’s not easy to make a good choice. If you don’t know where to start you can have a look at QQTube, a social media platform that offers affordable and easy-to-use services to help users increase online visibility. These services cater to multiple online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. QQTube specializes in providing high-quality views, likes, followers, and other engagement metrics to enhance social media ranking and attract organic traffic.

Features and services offered by QQTube

You’ll easily be able to find out all of their services on their website along with related pricing, but since rates could change, it would be best to check the live updates as they happen. Beyond prices, we’ll have a look at some of their more popular services.

YouTube services

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for content creators, making it an essential focus for QQTube. Their YouTube services include:

  • Views: QQTube offers various view options, including high-retention views, targeted views, and live-stream views. These views are designed to help increase watch time and engagement on your videos.
  • Likes: Boosting the number of likes on your videos can help improve your video’s ranking on YouTube search results and suggested videos.
  • Subscribers: Gaining subscribers is crucial for building an account. QQTube offers subscriber services to help grow your channel.
  • Comments: Engaging comments can improve your video’s visibility and credibility. QQTube offers custom and random comment services to help increase engagement.

Instagram Services

With Instagram being a popular platform for businesses and influencers, QQTube provides various services to boost your presence, including:

  • Likes: Increase the number of likes on your posts to improve visibility and attract more organic engagement.
  • Followers: Gain followers to expand your audience and improve your profile’s credibility for everyone giving you a quick glimpse.
  • Views: Boost the views on your videos and IGTV content to improve your overall engagement.
  • Comments: Enhance your post’s engagement with custom or random comments provided by QQTube.
Year-on-year audience growth of selected social media platforms worldwide as of January 2023
Year-on-year audience growth of selected social media platforms worldwide as of January 2023 (Image: Statista)

TikTok Services

QQTube also provides services to help you dominate TikTok, one of the largest and most popular social media platforms. Our services include:

  • Likes: Increase the number of likes on your videos to increase visibility and attract more organic engagement.
  • Followers: Gain followers to appear more credible to others. Users might be more inclined to follow you if you have 500 followers rather than just 5.
  • Views: Boost the views on your videos to gain more exposure and engagement among peers.
  • Comments: Enhance your post’s engagement with custom or random comments specially crafted for TikTok by their team.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks

In addition to YouTube and Instagram, QQTube also offers services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other platforms. These services include page likes, post likes, followers, shares, retweets, and more. Facebook and Twitter are established social media giants, but new contenders such as TikTok are fast gaining momentum in the industry. The rise of mobile consumption and short-form content has fuelled its popularity, especially among younger demographics.

With QQTube, users can take advantage of the growing TikTok audience by boosting their visibility through services such as views, followers, comments, and more. Furthermore, with QQTube’s services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other platforms, businesses can also market their products or services across different channels beyond just YouTube and Instagram.

Potential drawbacks and criticisms

Let’s be very transparent about this; using a third-party service might seem like a black hat hack to some, but in digital marketing, it’s not unusual to have even professionals experimenting with all kinds of tools and solutions. Yet, of course, you need to consider risk and potential drawbacks to your overall campaigns. While QQTube offers a wide range of services to help grow your social media presence, it’s essential to consider some potential drawbacks and criticisms.

  • Authenticity concerns: Some users might question the authenticity of the engagement metrics gained through QQTube. However, the platform emphasizes that they provide high-quality services designed to blend in with organic engagement.
  • Platform policies: Using third-party services to boost engagement metrics can sometimes be against the policies of social media platforms. It’s crucial to ensure you’re aware of the platform’s guidelines before using QQTube’s services.
  • Long-term effects: While QQTube can help improve your social media presence in the short term, it’s essential to focus on creating high-quality content and engaging with your audience to maintain long-term growth.
Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2023, ranked by number of monthly active users, in millions
Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2023, ranked by number of monthly active users, in millions (Image: Statista)

Business is always about risk and opportunity and assessing these aspects clearly and in a transparent way so that you can find a way to mitigate potential risk to your business. This is not a bad thing, this is merely due diligence.

Addressing the drawbacks

In order to effectively tackle criticisms and address potential drawbacks in your journey, there are a few important aspects you should take into account. For instance, take the time to identify and understand the root cause of any issue, and try to approach it from different angles to find a solution that is best suited for your particular situation. Moreover, don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts or peers who have experience in the area. Lastly, make sure to stay focused and committed to your goals and embrace the learning process that comes with overcoming obstacles.

  • Transparency: Be transparent with your audience about using QQTube’s services and emphasize that your primary focus is on creating high-quality content.
  • Combine with organic growth strategies: Use QQTube’s services in conjunction with organic growth strategies, such as engaging with your audience, collaborating with other creators, and optimizing your content for search engines.
  • Monitor your metrics: Keep a close eye on your social media metrics to ensure that QQTube’s services are positively impacting your growth.

Beyond that, it appears to be a fair idea to create dedicated test accounts to trial their services before you actually apply the features on your long-established brands to mitigate risk. The advantages of doing something like that are that you can clearly assess the exact activity and results that happened as part of QQTubes support and you don’t mix it up with anything that could have been due to an organic activity.

Review essence: Does QQTube work?

This is what you are all after, am I right? So putting any strategic and ethical considerations aside, we want to talk about if and how QQTube works. For that, we used free credits that we received from QQTube and used test accounts, so that we can better assess the results without any organic interference.

Test 1 – Instagram likes

We tested out how a small batch of localized likes to one particular Instagram post would perform. We requested 7 likes from Instagram users from Germany. This costs about 2 USD and was quickly completed. From a quick glance, the users appear to be from Germany, so this was delivered as per the requirements and with some likes on top.

Test 2 – Twitter followers

For this test, we created a project with the goal of adding 1000 followers to a test Twitter account. The cost for it was 10 USD and it took them about a day to complete the whole batch successfully with some extra followers.

Test 3 – YouTube views

In order to this out we created a video with normal content on a test channel on YouTube that would otherwise not get any views. This helps to better understand the actual performance of the service from QQTube. We created a campaign with the target of 6200 views for about 10 USD and while this appears to be working, it’s worth noting that the campaign is still underway these days as the service that we chose supports only about 200 views per day, so this works but follows a restriction, which is fine to keep things close to organic. As of now this is at 862 views and the project shows up as “in progress”. This is fine.

Test 4 – Twitch followers

Again, for this, we have created a test environment so that we can better understand separate organic and service-supported growth. We ordered 3300 followers for about 10 USD and received roughly about 1600. So loosely half of what the target was for this campaign. This is already marked as “complete”, so there is a gap between what was paid and what was delivered. For cases like that, you can use the “Report” button right next to the order listing and just let the team know that this didn’t go all the way.

Test 5 – Instagram followers

Okay, the kind of pricing that can fuel the vanity of an Instagram account is a little far out but I’ll still tell you how it went. For about 10 USD we ordered 13500 followers on a test Instagram account and it took really only a short time to complete. If a boost like this somehow helps your project or testing, I think the price is quite affordable on QQTube.

Test 6 – Facebook profile followers

So this would be profiles or pages for businesses or other organizations and not regular users. Just so you know how it works, you’ll not get friend invites on your personal account – instead, you’ll get likes on your brand page. Again, we wanted to know what we can get for roughly 10 USD and aimed for 1000 followers. The results were in quickly and the project was completed shortly after with precisely that amount of accounts showing up on the test profile – so that worked fine.


QQTube can be a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their social media presence as an augmentation but it should not be your sole strategy for growth. With a wide range of services for various platforms, it offers an affordable and convenient way to boost your engagement metrics. However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential drawbacks and ensure you’re using QQTube’s services responsibly and ethically.

Ideally, you use the service for testing purposes to assess how particular scenarios impact a social network’s algorithms or experiment with other aspects. It’s a great tool for delivering exactly what they offer but you should not expect people to engage with your brand anyhow. These are likely bots or machine-created accounts here and while some might appear to be a regular user, some are very obvious eggs. If that works for your project, then this is the right tool at good prices and with a good performance and management suite.

By combining QQTube with organic growth strategies and focusing on creating high-quality content, you can effectively improve your online visibility and achieve long-term success. Will it work? Test it out and see how it goes. Start with small orders and check the results so you can then scale based on the success of the campaigns or make adjustments.

YouTube: QQtube Review by Edy Chandra

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Yury Krasilnikov. The infographics have been done by Statista.

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