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SpaceHey Gives You a Retro Social Media Experience

Some people are slowly getting tired of how modern social media websites and apps work. Algorithms are increasingly taking control of what we see and who we meet online. Some people are ever increasingly afraid of such advanced features. Maybe not everything was better in the early days of the social networks across the Internet, but there surely are some nostalgic aspects to that. The 19 years old German software developer “AnTheMaker,” co-founder of Tibush Labs (tibush GmbH), has created something that brings you right back to the early 2000s – enter SpaceHey.

Ready for a new era of deluxe retro web?

The portal they built there, called SpaceHey, is seemingly an homage to older social networks, which have ceased operations or significantly changed how they do business by now. One such website that directly comes to mind is the original MySpace. With the vision to re-create and re-offer such a retro web experience, they now offer SpaceHey to everyone who yearns for simpler times and simpler content but also loved the options to customize their profile pages with all sorts of creative HTML or CSS.

SpaceHey - Retro Social Media Screenshot
Image: Tibush Labs

I’m not sure how much from web experience the creator of this site had, being 19 years old, but I think this is undoubtedly creative, and apparently, many people are already joining up to use the social network the way they missed it from other social media giants like Facebook (Meta) or Twitter, to name just to of them.

The Rise and Fall of MySpace - Statista Forbes Variety Atlantic
Image: Statista

As per the information page over there, more than 200.000 users have already signed up and started building their profiles and making friends. Maybe SpaceHey is not going to be the next big thing for influencers or companies, but maybe this is exactly what the users are looking for.

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So, I think I’ll make a profile now too and see if I can meet any new friends. How about you? If you’re not sure how that all looks and how to set up a profile, you can check the video below by Cryptic Jasmine, who was kind enough to prepare a video tutorial.

YouTube: How to set up a SpaceHey Profile (The Best Social Media Site?) – Cryptic Jasmine

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Besjunior. The screenshot in the body of the article was taken by the author and is owned by Tibush Labs. The infographic has been done by Statista.

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