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Print Your Face on Your Coffee!

Everyone loves coffee right? I mean who doesn’t? It’s essential to keep you working at 3am in morning or get you up at 6am to go to work. But how about a little more inspiration? Perhaps a coffee with your face on it?

A cafe in Metro Manila, Philippines prints your selfie on top of the coffee! You can either send a picture to them on Facebook or have them take a picture of you right then and there. They don’t even use special cameras or things of that sort. They can use an ordinary phone and come up still with a perfect and detailed photo of you served on your choice of drink.

Oh and don’t worry because this selfie is edible. They use the same kind of ingredient that is used in pastries. So you don’t have to be worried about being poisoned because of the ink and color pigments. They use a special kind of printer for the picture and can be done within seconds. Although some people say the coffee is too beautiful to actually drink or destroy. So make sure to take a picture of your selfie coffee before drinking it.


If however, you don’t drink coffee, there’s no need to worry. They also print your selfie on a variety of juices; therefore there is no need to worry about caffeine. But whether you are a coffee lover or not we all have to admit that this innovation is amazing.

So just stick the straw through your face and sip some delicious drinks along with your fabulous selfie. Are you willing to try this product?

YouTube: Selfie Coffee at Uke Box Caffè Libis Quezon City Philippines

Photo credit: Yashna Manglani

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