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Bestie: Camera360 Launches the New Selfie App

Camera360 is a tech and fine art company. To allow their users to capture, compose and share the most beautiful moments of their lives with their loved ones and others, Camera360 is busy building a portfolio of tools and services to people who enjoy taking photos and editing them. Camera360 (PinGuo Inc.) is backed by SIG China, Gobi Partners, and Matrix Partners China. They are a worldwide leading competitor in this mobile software segment as well. They already have a wide range of blasting products and recently they have launched a new arrival of app “Bestie”, which is a new enthusiastic app for selfie lovers that enjoy the excitement to take selfies anytime and tweak them to ‘perfection’.

Bestie provides a remarkable experience in the world of mobile photography. It allows users to have fun and experiment with the easy to use features. Smart Skin Smoothing permits to users to soften the look of the skin through five different levels with a real time preview. Bestie is also offering 26 filters of selfies with different moods. They also allow users to take photos and adjust the configuration of the filters on their own if they want to.  Each filter represents a unique personality and style with a lot of variety to choose from. With the noise reduction function users can even improve photos that were taken in bad circumstances such as low light. In addition, the most exciting and powerfully editing tools allow users to apply creativity and enhanced changes in their selfies. The features that are optimized for the selfie-taking also include of vignette and blur effects to emphasize on the people in the shot. Adding feature is simply a tap on the right side of the screen.

The idea behind this new app is to introduce new excitement and fun for a creative audience and serve the selfie lovers to enhance their experience to take a selfie. Camera360 serves 450 million users globally and they have forecasted a continuous positive trend. Camera 360 is also a Microsoft partner, helping them to create and develop innovative mobile solutions.

Mr. Gary Gu, Camera360’s Chief Operating Officer  said “We have a long and great relationship with Microsoft and we’re very excited to share our success at the premier event for Microsoft’s top partners, With Microsoft’s strategy on creating a single experience that can reach every Windows 10 device, while also delivering a user experience tailored to the device’s specific capabilities, we see a great opportunity for our application to grow and expand by leveraging Windows 10 and Microsoft’s cloud platform,”

“Bestie is created to enhance the overall selfie experience,” Xu Hao said, “There should be some emotional connections between users and the app. We hope Bestie will be users’ best friend, with which they can feel comfortable and express their feelings and emotions freely to.”

To summarize, the new arrival of the Bestie app in the portfolio of Camera360 is a really good addition. Perhaps they can even leverage recent products such as the selfie stick. Bestie is available on Android and iOS now.

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YouTube: Bestie by Camera360 – Best Selfie Every Time

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