HyperChiller: Cool Way to Make Iced Coffee and Other Cold Drinks


Coffee drinking is one of the most important routines many of us share every day. It has been energizing people since it was discovered in Ethiopia. Some of us enjoy coffee cold, but it takes time to cool hot coffee and retain its coffee taste. HyperChiller is the answer to our iced coffee needs. It is designed to make iced coffee straight from the coffee maker in 60 seconds. Some of us would find it skeptical that in just a matter of seconds we would have an iced coffee ready to drink. Here is how it works.

First thing you are going to do is, of course, brew your coffee, after the brewing process you get your HyperChiller from your fridge; to actually get optimum results for your cooled coffee, the HyperChiller needs to be frozen for 12 hours or more. After just 60 seconds, your brewed coffee is now a cold brewed coffee. You can also put more ice on it if you feel it is not cold enough.

Here is what’s happening inside

After pouring your freshly brewed coffee in the HyperChiller, it goes into the cooling chamber which is surrounded by stainless steel and ice on both sides. Just gently swirl the HyperChiller around and it just a minute you have your cooled coffee ready.

HyperChiller Product Review Cutout Design Inside.jpg
Cutout view of the HyperChiller

You can enjoy the cold brewed coffee on your favorite mug or glass. But if you feel it is not cold enough and you don’t want to put ice on it, just simply leave the coffee in the HyperChiller for another 90 seconds, and you don’t have to worry that your coffee would water down and lose its coffee taste.

How to use HyperChiller

The HyperChiller consists of four components; the lid, small chamber, the outer chamber, and the black HyperChiller cup. To prepare the HyperChiller for your next use. Just follow these simple steps

  • First thing to do is fill the small chamber with water up to the indicator. After that twist on the lid to the small chamber.
  • Next is fill the outer chamber with water up to the indicator. Then pour it into the black HyperChiller cup.
  • Screw the outer chamber on the lid.
  • Finally, twist on the lid together with the other two stainless steel chambers with it, into the black HyperChiller cup filled with water and then place it in your freezer in an upright position. Freeze the HyperChiller cup for up to twelve hours for optimum results.


Simple right? After the process, it will be ready for another day to brew and chill your favorite coffee. It is not limited to just coffee. You can also cool your favorite juice, wine and even spirits in the HyperChiller.

HyperChiller Cooling Times
Swirling Resting
Small* (6 oz) 60 seconds 2 minutes
Medium* (8 o 60 seconds 2 minutes
Large* (10 oz) 60 seconds 3 minutes
Ex Large* (12 oz 90 seconds 3 minutes
Wine (6 oz 30 seconds 60 seconds
Spirits (3 oz) 30 seconds 60 seconds

*If you want to enjoy your coffee ice cold, without ice in your drink, add 60+ seconds to the corresponding cooling time.

After use

As for all dishes, of course, we have to clear all the contents and then wash it with dishwashing soap and water and lastly just place it in your dishwasher. It is dishwasher safe, just put it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.



The HyperChiller is perfect for people who are always on the go. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to enjoy iced coffee at home. No more driving a long way from home and endure the queue for an iced coffee fix. It’s also worth noting that you can also chill any other kind of beverage like that and that the gadget is not only restricted to use with coffee. To get your very own HyperChiller, it cost about $29.99. Just visit this link for more details on how to get it.

For FAQs matters just go to this link to further understand the device. What are your views or opinion regarding this product? Let us know down the comments below!

YouTube: Introducing the best iced coffee maker

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Hyperbius.
Editorial notice: This report is focusing on the V2 of the product, as it is currently available.

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Xz Jopillo
Xz Jopillo
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Great design and a useful product to have around if you enjoy iced coffee or other beverages. We think the pricing is fair, given the fact that the HyperChiller can be used an indefinite number of times.HyperChiller: Cool Way to Make Iced Coffee and Other Cold Drinks