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These Smart Shoes Can Order Your Pizzas

Yum Pizza Hut Logo PNGPlano, US, March 6 — Smart shoes: It’s not just about looking good anymore, it’s about how truly smart your shoes can be. Pizza Hut has completely reinvented as well as revved up the shoe game with their smart shoes that have you looking good and feeling fed.

In celebration of the annual NCAA US Basketball tournament, Pizza Hut has released 64 ‘Pie Top’ sneakers; representing the number of teams competing. Now these shoes are an extremely limited edition because not only were there only 64 pairs produced and were only made available during ‘March Madness,’ they were also hand-stitched by the acclaimed ‘Shoe Surgeon’ Dominic Chambrone.

How does this work?

Who ever said that we had to stop with just ordering our pizzas through our laptops or an app on our phones? With these new Bluetooth enabled ‘Pie Tops,’ you can just order a pizza – wherever you are- with just a press of a button; which is conveniently located on the tongue of the shoe. Once synced with the ‘Pie Top’ mobile app on your phone and programmed with your favorite toppings, these kicks will be able to order your desired pizza anywhere, at any time.

These pizza-ordering sneakers are not just for convenience or a hit at any party, no. These shoes were also made as a fashion statement while accommodating all of your walking needs. With its classic white and red design, featuring patterned stamped leather, these shoes were made for showing off while you’re strutting around; out and about. Fully optimized, with its adjustable ankle strap, these sneakers will fit you like a charm and have you feeling comfortable.


Where can I get them?

While these ‘Pie Tops’ are currently not for sale to the general public, as of yet, these fantastic Pizza Hut ‘Pie Top’ sneakers are being delivered to well-known tech YouTube channels such as iJustine, UnboxTherapy, and Zappos. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see these wondrous, pizza-ordering sneakers being sold online in a few months. Until then, unless this idea catches on, I guess we’ll all have to stick to ordering our pizzas through our phones.

Leadership insight

“It’s always important that we make it easy for fans to order the Pizza Hut pizza they love without missing a moment of the March Madness action,” said David Daniels, Vice President, Media & Advertising, Pizza Hut. “We know pizza is a fan favorite during the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, and our special-edition Pie Tops are a culturally-timed creative expression of our commitment to providing the easiest pizza ordering and delivery experience possible.”

YouTube: Introducing Pizza Hut PIE TOPS

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut
Source: Doug Terfehr, Courtney Moscovic (Yum) / Alana Abramson (Time – Money)
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