Reindeer Pizza Delivery and Other Cool Christmas Ads from All over the World


It’s that time of the year again! Too lazy to get out bed? No problem! Here is our selection of unusual Christmas ads from all over the world to make you feel like you are traveling. Enjoy!!

UK: John Lewis (2015)

Christmas comes with John Lewis Christmas advertisements. The department store produces high-quality Christmas commercials every year and has been very successful with them. Songs featured in John Lewis ads always hit the sales record. This ad is my favorite from 2015.

Brazil: Coca Cola (2012)

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck brings Santa Claus to a small village in Brazil, where kids don’t know much about Christmas. The reaction of the children, when they saw Santa Claus is just so emotional. I’m 24 years old, and this advertisement made me cry in the office when I just clicked on it for procrastination.

Russia: Johnnie Walker (2016)

This one is not really a Christmas-themed ad, but it is set on a snowy mountain. With upbeat music, this TV commercial tells you “Blood, sweat, and tears will get you there, but joy will take you further.” Perfect message for Christmas season when you just want to drink (responsibly) and have fun!

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Australia: ALDI (2016)

Australian ad agencies are notorious for their quirky ads. In this TV commercial, you can watch a hilariously annoying Christmas evangelists trying to convince an Australian family what they should do on Christmas.

UK: Burberry (2016)

Here’s another one from the UK. This year’s Burberry festive film looks like a trailer for an actual movie, and it does its job as an advertisement well. After you’ve watched this, you might find yourself dying to buy all the clothes and makeup items featured in the film.

Japan: Domino Pizza (2016)

This campaign might be a failed attempt of advertisement. Or maybe it’s not? Domino Pizza in Japan tried to deliver pizzas to its customers using reindeer. They trained reindeer in driving school only to reach the conclusion that it was not possible. So they released the footage of training instead and designed the bike to look like a reindeer.

Which is your favorite? Let us know below in the comments and have some great holidays!

Photo credit: Domino Pizza Japan

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Moe Haze
Moe Haze
I am currently working as an intern for a global advertising agency. I am mainly interested in writing about the application of latest technology in the cultural scene of Tokyo.
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