Get Creative with Pivo: Motorized, Auto-Tracking Pod for Smartphone Photography and Video


You might not have heard about Pivo yet, but the name will be all over the place soon. What is Pivo? In short, Pivo is the smart interactive pod for smartphone photography. But it’s not like all the other pods out there. This one makes it easy for everyone to be a photographer and make all the cool effects that are neither quick or easy to do using older methods.


Pivo Features

Pivo’s core features include:

  • FaceFollow – Pivo can follow you around with both front and back cameras;
  • Object Tracking – Pivo can track an object, for instance when you want to explain how the object works;
  • Multi-Platform Live – Pivo’s partnership with Restream allows you to go live on over 30 platforms simultaneously, taking advantage of face tracking and remote control;
  • Smart Capture – snap your fingers or say “Cheese” and Pivo will take a picture or start recording.

Holder Cam Pod Startup Kickstart Product Pivo Motorized Smartphone Camera Gadget
Pivo also has many shooting modes:

  • ManyMe – lets you take pictures of yourself all over the place and then create an illusion of a clone army;
  • Motion Timelapse – like the usual timelapse, but not stationary;
  • DoubleTake – a meme effect when the camera looks away and then back;
  • VS Mode – an automated rap-battle-like video angle-cuts;
  • 50/50 – 50% still image, 50% animated clip
  • Flash – a motion blur tying together two different events;
  • Tiny Planet – allows you to take spherical photos that look like tiny globes just like with an expensive lens;
  • Social 360 Images – smart stitching software that gives you an opportunity to take 360 or sphere shots you can easily share online.
  • Perfect Panorama – as it says itself, this mode allows you to take flawless panoramas, with no missing arms and distorted heads. Don’t you wish you had that when you were taking that shot of a pier over the lake?


Technical details of Pivo

This cool gadget can be up-and-running for as many as eight to ten hours. This is its battery life, charged by USB port. It comes with a remote control, a built-in tripod, voice activation, cloud storage, and many other additional features. It even comes with its own travel case, which keeps it safe from harm.

Not only that, but you can expand Pivo’s functionality with a GoPro mount, a turntable, or even a lightbox. It can be yours if you back the project on its Kickstarter page, starting from $79.

YouTube: Smart Motorized Pod for Auto-Tracking

Photo credit: All images used have been provided to us and are owned by Pivo.

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Sead Fadilpasic
Sead Fadilpasic
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