Programmable Remote Control? Control All Your Technology!


Think of all the technology currently residing in your lounge or any other room at home. The TV, the satellite box, DVD player, CD player, Blu-ray and probably many other examples of modern pieces of technological gadgetry and gizmos. AND thy probably all came with their own remote control, meaning the number you have to operate each individual item of equipment is probably fairly large.

Ever thought of having just one programmable remote, that does all of them?

A high quality programmable remote control can be sued to control all manner of different electronic equipment from CD changers, DVDs, VCRs, amplifiers, gaming consoles, PCs and even lighting fixtures and air conditioning units. What and how many devices a programmable remote can control depends on the product – lower end remotes will only control one or two devices, such as the TV and DVD.

There are many advantages to having a programmable universal remote…

Overall control – the most obvious benefit is one control does everything so no more hunting for the lost remote for the DVD, whilst also trying to find the one for the satellite box. Once set up they are second-to none in terms of flexibility. The higher end the programmable remote the more devices it controls, making the control of everything a complete breeze…

Macro commands – for very sophisticated models of programmable remotes, it is possible to control various systems and devices at once, meaning you are using your equipment to its fullest potential. Ease of use is a must when it comes to remotes and this is exactly what some remotes offer.

Internet updates – the firmware for many programmable remotes can be updated to the latest version over the internet. As the manufacturer releases updates and add-ons, it sends a code to the remote and the process happens automatically; the user is often left with new, additional commands on the remote making life easier still.

East to find – many of these kinds of remotes come with a glow-in-the-dark function making the screen easier to read and operate; this backlight can then be switched off. The brightness of it however, can be a great help in find the lost remote…

Size – some of the higher end remotes are almost like mini screen in themselves, offering an invaluable array of functions and the slightly larger size means that the ‘ability’ to be lost is somewhat diminished.

Hard to programme?

It can take some time to work out all the functions and connectivity features of some of the more complex programmable remotes which is why we offer the full package from the purchase of your desired model through to the full programming of it so that you have to do nothing, other than enjoy flicking and controlling all the items in your room!

Lower end models can also have limited control functions and so if you really want flexibility, it is worth considering the higher functioning models of programmable remotes. The majority of these remotes are also easy to use – once you have been shown how!

About the Author

Steve Bateman, has huge passion for technology and is a big enthusiast when it comes to technology in the home. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge gained through his passion to anyone who needs it.

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Guest Author
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