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Piktochart: Creating Engaging Presentations for Your Customers

Piktochart is an easy-to-use tool that turns text or data-heavy content into engaging, high-quality visual stories. Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, the former startup boasts itself as a ‘HOPEFUL’ bunch of creators who want to make storytelling — such as making a presentation for a sales pitch — a fun, quirky, and endearing experience for both the marketing team and clients alike.

With various eye-catching templates to choose from, you can also edit your output by adding text, changing fonts and colors, adding your icons, or moving elements around. You don’t need any prior coding or design experience to use Piktochart.

Visual content formats

Piktochart makes robust charts and maps to translate your data into a visual story told through the medium of graphics and other appealing page elements. You can easily link your Excel, Google Docs, or HTML files and receive auto-generated visual outputs to grasp the attention of your audience. You can also add interactive maps to your presentation that highlight the focus of your brand or product.

You can create your visual content in any format such as reports, presentations, infographics, and even social media graphics. The output can be downloaded in PNG, PPT, and PDF formats. Piktochart has a public library of graphics, design components, and templates, and has three categories of pricing: free, pro, and custom.

Each of Piktochart’s packages can cater to any need. The free version provides 100MB space for image uploads, two visual downloads (one-off), one folder, and unlimited access to the library. The pro version costs $14.00 per member per month and provides 100GB of space, unlimited visual downloads, and folders, and access to their assets. With the pro version, you can also upload and use your fonts and customize templates.

Piktochart’s custom plan provides 200GB storage space, premium customized templates, security review, and allows the onboarding of up to 25 members of your team. The fee will be based per person and you can book a meeting with the company before signing on. Right now, the product is available as a Google Chrome extension and as an app for the iPad. If you want to have a look at similar solutions you can also have a look at competitors such as Canva, Venngage, Visme, or Adobe Spark.

YouTube: Piktochart User Story – Thomas Trip from Booking.com

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