Create Your Avatar: Artflow Uses AI to Generate Visual Content


Do you need an avatar for a roleplaying game or as inspiration for a character design? Maybe AI can help you with that. The prevalence of AI in our lives is gaining momentum, and art is no exception. Some believe that we’re close to books written by artificial intelligence. Visual content created by AI without the need to involve any human actors is already widespread. And a website called Artflow needs even less than that — all it needs to create an image is words.

AI avatars

Artflow’s concept is simple. It generates a piece of visual art based on the description you provide. The generated artworks contain no elements of existing images, as they’re all generated based on the user’s input using machine learning models.

For now, it only supports English-language descriptions. Artflow’s FAQ page also admits to some bias their work carries over from the real world; if users want an avatar of specific gender or ethnicity, they’d need to use specific words to describe it.

Artflow AI Avatar - TechAcute
This lovely avatar was created when we entered “TechAcute” as input. (Image: Artflow)

Currently, the most popular usage of the website seems to be avatars for fantasy games. You can browse the community-created content on the software’s website. The images users create can be used for personal and commercial use under the Creative Commons license, provided that the user attributes Artflow.

Create your own character sheet picture or avatar with the Artflow generator

Here’s an avatar that I created with Artflow. I typed the words “Sorceress with purple hair” into the description bar, clicked “generate,” and was redirected to the next page. According to Artflow, the creation process was going to take about 25 minutes due to the website traffic. It, however, took closer to 50.

Image: Kate Sukhanova via

Launched only last year, Artflow does seem to have a lot of potential for visual art, and gamers would really enjoy playing around with avatars. However, it does need to work on its bias, and it would be great to see it advancing beyond the English-language NLP.

YouTube: I tried creating art using this free AI website (BoroCG)

Photo credit: All images shown in the article have been done by TechAcute with the avatar generator tool under the Creative Commons license.
Sources: James Vincent (The Verge)

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