SEO and the Impact on Marketing


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In the digital world, having words in an advertisement that serve as sort of a billboard is critical to marketing with impact. This is search engine optimization. When a word is used on a website, it gathers with it a myriad of different meanings. This is how search engine optimization affects marketing and e-commerce as a whole.

What beginners need to know

When you are starting out, you need something like SEO for beginners. Search engine optimization helps create visibility based on a single word or chain of words. A copywriter uses a word such as “chair” in an article written solely about living room furniture. The word chair is widely used. Therefore, it would not carry much clout concerning recognition or visibility. However, if you, as the copywriter, use “IKEA chair” on a website about furniture, and someone searches for IKEA chairs, there is a good chance they will find your website.

Helplessness Donkey being carefully lifted
When you’re feeling helpless, ask for help and soar

Search engine optimization helps your site become more visible on the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Inserting a term in the search field will bring up the page that relates to your word. The higher the hits on your word or term, the higher the chance it will be on the first page of Google search, which is a very prominent place to be as a website. It has an incredible amount of visitation from users every day.

4 SEO tips

There are four critical steps in establishing words which fit into a search engine optimization. These include:

  • Targeting the Market
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Optimization
  • Testing

Targeting the market is an important part of search engine optimization. You have to know the audience to which your words are directed in order to bring forth the most effective hits. If you establish “Star Trek fan” to an audience of strictly Star Wars fans, you are not targeting the correct market. The response will not be as strong if you choose the wrong market.

Keyword research is a method of creating positive search engine optimization. Understanding what words lead to what answers is key to making a search result work in the best ways. If you work on a list of keywords and phrases, you will find the ones that attract the biggest audience and drive consumers toward the site your words are placed upon.

Masks lyring around various emotions
There are many ways, find what’s right for you

Part of keyword research is defining objectives, so you can figure out the return on investment from implemented programs. After drilling down on the numbers, you will find what numbers lead to what specific answers.

Content optimization is finding out how the content on the site is linked with the search engine optimization. The way of doing this is by creating meta tags, which can influence click-throughs but are not used for direct rankings. In order to optimize the content, you will want to implement the keyword in the coding of the page.

Continuous testing

In the analysis of search engine rankings and web traffic to determine how traffic is processed, a person would want to test continuously the keywords that trigger a search. They should base this test on specific words and the context in which the words fit. It’s wise to keep the changes tracked in a spreadsheet or document so that you can refer back to the testing.


Based on the search engine optimization, there are factors that fall into the ranking sequence and how they are visible on the page. If a word is in high demand, then the ranking will be higher. These factors are processed through algorithms that result in search engine findings. Back to the “IKEA chair” example. Those words are sent through a series of testing and calculations, and the search engine is found in the ranking through where it is placed on the Google page.

The future of SEO rankings

Search engine optimization has a wide horizon in the future. It will be interesting to see how the changes impact marketing in the future through search engine optimization. By using words that indicate a more dedicated definition, search engine optimization has a future that is not yet developed but very bright with opportunity.

Photo credit: The feature image “Logics, Emotions And Imagination” was done by Dmitry Smirnov (Strelka Institute). The image “Helplessness” was done by Ralf Steinberger. The image “Masks, Venice” was done by NightFlightToVenus.
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