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A brand is like a customer’s window into your world – it represents your strengths, values, and the benefits, through products and services, that you can offer to customers. With branding affecting many areas of your business consistency is key, and that’s never more important than in the visual representation of your brand through branding materials such as labels and packaging.

What’s the Problem?

One of the issues with branding materials focusses in on the colour palette available on different devices, and how colour is seen and reproduced by these different systems. So you could look at colours with the human eye, and then see how they are represented on monitors, or through scanners, digital cameras, and printers, and the results would all be slightly different.

Even the ink and paper type you use when printing labels effects how the colours are reproduced. This could cost time and money as you try to achieve consistency throughout your branding materials, but there may be something you can do to help things run more efficiently, and achieve more accurate results for your brand.

What’s the Solution?

Consider investing in colour management technology, which in basic terms helps you to set up a work environment (or work flow) so that all your devices will speak the same language, and produce much more predictable results on every print job you put through.

And the Benefits?

Colour management software involves both profiling, which is producing a record of all the reproducible colours on a device, then calibrating, which ensures all your devices that are in use in your work environment are adjusted to respond in the same way. Its colour matching at an advanced level, that interprets colour differences, then adjusts them so that what comes out of the printer is the same as what you view in other formats.

The software uses step by step wizards so you can master the techniques and set-up required with full support, and using colour management software will save “75% of your time, 66% of your resources, and at least 33% of your cost.” These claims have been made in Xrite’s colour management guide, and verified by an independent study.

Cost savings, less wastage, and application in a wide range of industries from film and television, to photography and advertising, makes the range of products on offer, and particularly the new technology an appealing prospect for businesses and brand marketers.

The Spectrophotometer

Technology is always evolving, and that enables companies like Xrite to not just produce software that gives ever more accurate results, but also variations of a product that suit different applications. Spectrophotometers tick all the boxes in this regard, providing an even higher level of colour accuracy than other stand-alone products.

The data produced by these types of devices is highly prized by those working in printing industries, especially as this particular type of colour measurement looks at consistency over different production processes – ideal when you are using and/or printing on different labelling materials and surfaces. Why not check out this industry preferred equipment and software for yourself, and see why it’s the preferred choice for colour application in the printing industry.

About the Author

Tammy Wiltshire works for the leading UK label manufacturer, Labelnet. Based in Ongar, Essex, Labelnet design and manufacture high quality branded labels, stickers and packaging.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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