Happeo: The Intranet That Keeps Your Teams Optimized and Informed


When it comes to working environments, improvement and optimization are on the top of the list of companies. Launching a new product, engaging more with your customers, and even just having better communication inside the company, are some of the goals most companies aim to achieve.

However, due to different factors, it can get hard to achieve those goals. One of the main reasons why companies struggle to be where they want to be is because they don’t use the right tools. These tools can make your life easier and help you start making those little steps that will lead you to get a more productive company.

Today, there are several tools all types of companies can use for hundred of functions. If you’re looking for a tool that helps you communicate effectively, organize tasks, and make all members of the team be on the same page, Happeo is your way to go.


Keeping everyone on the same page

Keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging, but with Happeo, distributing information about any company changes is made much easier. It allows users to have internal communications in the most efficient way possible by helping analyze and optimize the impact of messages to make sure everyone will be up-to-date.

Speaking of internal communications, the platform enables workers to form channels and pages around projects, new collaborations, interests, or social initiatives to effectively collaborate and work together. Due to this, Happeo brings closeness and familiarity to all workers, even when working remotely.

Integrating apps in one place

Happeo is a software, intranet, enterprise social network, and collaboration platform that aims to gather all employees in one virtual hub. From resources, applications, and knowledge, the platform makes everything easily accessible in one single structure.


For companies that work along with Google products, Happeo is a good option to dive into. Intranet software, tools from Google Workspace collaboration, and social networking is blended into this all-in-one digital workplace platform. With this, users can manage documents, find files, communicate, search for colleagues, and even schedule meetings and video calls.

Similarly, Microsoft 365 apps can also be integrated into Happeo where users can access its tools and social networking. The products are fully integrated into native levels which you can use easily while working within the app. Programs such as Excel, Outlook, One Drive, Share Point, and PowerPoint can be easily used here without switching out of the platform.

Extra features for Google Workspace integration include:

  • Manage access with Google Groups
  • Automatically sync users via your Google Directory
  • Automatically create employee directory and org chart
  • Embed Google Files into Happeo Pages
  • Secure Google Drive File storage

Extra features for Microsoft 365 integration include:

  • Complete your communications ecosystem
  • Manage access with Azure Active Directory
  • Replace SharePoint with an intranet
  • Embed Microsoft Files into Happeo Pages

Happeo is considered a full intranet software with multiple features, which makes it perfect to use by companies, startups, and all kinds of teams. The platform is available on Google Workspace, iOS, and Android. Interested parties can reach out to the company and ask for a quotation.

YouTube: What is Happeo? – Employee Communication Software

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Ilyuza Mingazova.

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