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Restaurants Going Beyond Their Menu with Technology

It is a known fact that the pandemic has made everyone look beyond the unimaginable. The industries need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive. For a restaurant business, being online is the only choice when it comes to growing its customer base and increasing revenue.

Restaurants have made it easier to order online by providing any city menu under one website. It enables customers to scroll down along the entire site without having to choose from different tabs. Such websites are becoming trendier, with a single menu website offering many benefits.

Evolving the menu

Using a single website is easier to use than scrolling through several restaurant sites. This gives an increased quality of interaction to the site. Websites with different restaurant menus also help with the conversion of food ordering as everything is found in one place. It is also easier for customers to analyze and review the restaurants.

In a restaurant, a menu is a central motivation that draws the customers to its brand. Enticing customers requires an extraordinary menu and outstanding service. For instance, KabaQ utilizes augmented reality to let customers visualize their food in 3D. By doing so, they radically change the way menus can be presented to customers by utilizing the process of digital rendering and photography.

With the use of advanced scanning technologies, the restaurant was able to build ultra-high-quality 3D models. These models can be augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences. The restaurateurs can display the menu to customers in 3D, thus providing stunning visuals of their dishes.

Another example is Park Hyatt Bangkok that embraced the idea by hosting an immersive 3D culinary tour at their hotel. They welcomed customers to experience the best of the theatre and dining in their culinary journey.

Apart from restaurants, developers are also finding fun ways for people to visualize their food. Jarit, an interesting AR app, allows its users to preview their potential order in 3D. With photogrammetry, the team designs lifelike 3D images of dishes on the menu and showcases them through AR. The selection process is more fun as a menu of any restaurant can be found in this app.

With technology advancing rapidly, the trends will evolve year on year. I seldom question what we will eat in 2030. At the very least, we’re getting closer to a future where we can access any restaurant on one page and see exactly how they look in real life.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Aditya Romansa.

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