Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Far, More Natural Phone Gesture Control


Gesture control has been a popular tech topic the past few years. It seems like every month there’s a new gesture control device announced that allows us to control our gadgets and our lives in an almost magical, handsfree way. Forget using voice to send an email or change the song, gesture control lets you wave your hand or double tap in the air and voila, your gadgets respond.

The gesture control tech I’d like to share with you today is particularly interesting to me because it allows you to control your phone, wearables and other mobile devices from up to 7 feet (2.1 meters) away. In addition to that, it responds in nano-seconds so it gives almost immediate feedback. It provides ultra-fast, ultra-far, more natural interaction. This tech was developed by Elliptic Labs, and apparently it will soon be available in smartphones.gesture-control-mobile-devices-2

Selfies account for 90% of all phone photos. Imagine being able to focus on your photo instead of your tech since you’ll be able to just double tap your hand in the air to snap the pic. Gaming on mobile devices would also become more accurate and fun. Instead of fumbling around on the small screen, you’d just wave the air for a fast response.

The Next Web describes it well:

Ultrasound signals sent through the air from integrated smartphone and tablet speakers bounce against your hand and are recorded by the microphones integrated in the devices. Elliptic Labs’ technology thus recognizes hand gestures and uses them to move objects on the screen.

According to Ninja Marketing:

The ultrasound offers the best combination of high resolution, coverage to 180 degrees of the surrounding space, and low energy consumption in comparison to any camera or other sensitive technology. Furthermore, Elliptic Lab uses a SoC, system on chip, with a high power audio for the detection of ultrasound.


I like the idea of ultra-fast, ultra-far, more natural gesture control interaction. I’m ready for this feature in my wearables and my phone immediately. Although bloggers have been writing about this tech since late 2013, it just debuted in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress last week. You can read more about it in the links above and below, or on their recent press release.

YouTube: Elliptic Labs Promo (by Shangdong Gu)

Source: Discovery News
Photo credit: Elliptic Labs

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