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GLAMOS: Go Gesture-Control on Your Devices

The team at CoreDAR has built a touchless motion sensor called GLAMOS. Developed with its small LiDAR system, it utilizes a rotational mirror and laser to create a sensor grid designed to turn many devices into touchless touchscreens.

The technical side

GLAMOS works by firing an 850mm infrared laser on a rapidly spinning mirror. This creates a 180° area of detection which receives that telemetry and makes it into usable interfacing data.


A 6″ x 3″ detection range means GLAMOS offers plenty of space to work in. Meanwhile, its smaller counterpart of 1.5″ x 1.1″ x 1.3″  allows it to fit securely on counters, TV stands, and end tables. This includes your office meeting room table or work desk. It also boasts a detection speed of 60Hz, so you should be able to swipe and move without missing a beat so long as you are in range.

Multiple modules can connect to the same input device, allowing you to create a seamless detection net. GLAMOS offers a standard micro USB model and a pro model that supports Bluetooth capabilities. Although the micro USB cable is quickly falling out of fashion, a USB C adapter will only set you back a few bucks on Amazon, so that shouldn’t stand in your way.

LiDAR at a glance

Light Detection And Ranging or LiDAR is a method of surveying an area with lasers and processing the telemetry to construct a 3D image. People typically used this method for topographical scanning and 3D model construction.


While it seems like a recent technology, the concept has been around since the 1960s. Recently, people have found a new use for it in human interfacing technologies.

Goals and aspirations

GLAMOS is compatible with many USB-capable devices available today. Whether you want to streamline a presentation at the office or swipe through the shows on your favorite streaming service, this small but powerful device has you covered.

GLAMOS was successfully Kickstarted, which ended just recently. If you want to get a hold of it, you can also head on it Indiegogo and support it there, starting at $129.

YouTube: GLAMOS – Retrofit Screens To Accept Touch Input

Photo credits: The images used are owned by CoreDAR and were provided for press usage.
Source: National Science Foundation’s National Ecological Observatory Network
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