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Clarius Portable Ultrasound Scanners Work with Your Smartphone

Reinventing the clinical experience for its users, Clarius has introduced a new, revolutionary product to the world that provides a portable ultrasound scanner that utilizes machine learning and AI. Ever since their initial release in 2016, these scanners have been gaining a favorable reputation among doctors and various medical professionals of every specialty due to their MedTech solutions with high-quality images, low cost, and easy-to-use functionalities.

Being available in over 90 countries at the moment and counting, the Clarius ultrasound scanners have provided its users with enhanced workflows and more than 1 million high-resolution scans.

Clarius Ultrasound Scanners
Image: Clarius

Product overview

What does their product portfolio look like? They got the C3 HD multipurpose scanner that works for both the abdomen and the extremities, and they have more specialized scanners like the linear L20 HD – Ultra-High Frequency Linear (dermatology, MSK, podiatry, rheumatology, vascular access), L15 HD – High-Frequency Linear (injections, breast, MSK, nerve, small parts, superficial), and the L7 HD – Linear (vascular, lung, MSK, small parts, nerve). They also offer a Phased Array scanner called PA HD (cardiac, abdominal, lung OB/GYN, vascular access), the endocavity device EC7 HD (gynecology, obstetrics, urology), as well as the microconvex scanner C7 HD (Paediatrics, Neonatal, Spine, Vet).

Enabling ultrasound mastery

Ultrasound technology has always been a fantastic tool that allows those with the knowledge to use it an instant view of a patients’ body. Making use of cutting-edge technology, The portable Clarius ultrasound scanners claim to provide you with the most superior and trustable ultrasound imagery available to date. Their various handheld designs give you the option to select the ultrasound device that perfectly matches your needs.

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The premium quality and portability of the Clarius ultrasound scanners are unparallel to anything that is available on the market as of yet. Such statements are not without merit as renowned Physio MSKUS Specialist Greg Fritz stated that “the image quality that can be obtained from this non-tethered, WiFi scanner blew me away.”

Clarius Ultrasound Scanners
Image: Clarius

New ways to share

The Clarius ultrasound scanning devices also come with their own dedicated mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS mobiles. This app not only provides an interface between the scanner and the user but acts as a central hub for all Clarius devices as well. This app also receives frequent updates that add more functionalities and features, such as the new anatomical photograph feature that was added in the latest app update (8.0).

It allows clinicians to capture and document photographs, which can be taken directly through the mobile and can be stored on Clarius’s unlimited cloud storage that comes free of cost with the scanner. Apart from that, the app for the Clarius ultrasound scanner also helps the users to instantly share these photographs with their family and loved ones without having to wait for an ultrasound report to be generated.

YouTube: Clarius HD – The Next Generation of Wireless Handheld Ultrasound

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