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Every company profits through selling, even service companies. It might take a company 4–6 weeks to find a sales representative and another month of onboarding and training. At the end of the day, it would have taken them at least two months to have a salesperson on board. N3, however, can handle all of this for you as part of their Inside-Sales-as-a-Service strategy. They might be called N3 but their core values are these three words, “real, revenue, results.”

With an entrepreneurial staff focused on generating revenue, N3 is trusted by companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, Qlik, Salesforce, Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, and others. They boast of a highly qualified, well-trained team with more than a decade of experience, and they know how to find and close sales. For three consecutive years, N3 has exceeded Microsoft Azure’s revenue goals by more than 110% and is now part of  Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise solutions team, including some aspects of the hardware sales such as the Surface partner channel management. More and more companies are outsourcing their inside sales as sales turnover is as higher has 34%, according to LinkedIn.

Identifying and utilizing potential areas for growth

Just as problems in the world of technology require various solutions, N3 has matching sales approaches. Many of N3’s clients are cloud providers, so they have honed their skills in helping their clients get software license renewals. Customers who renew their subscriptions form a significant and dependable source of revenue. This is also increasingly relevant in the entertainment industry. They work alongside a cloud service provider, helping them understand how customers are using their services and identify potentially lucrative areas of growth.

Customer success is your success too

They also have a technical team that can show the cloud users how to fully utilize all the services offered, thus greatly increasing the rate of renewal. By leveraging customer success management methods, they try to accompany their client’s clients in the journey through a cloud service lifecycle and help them adapt and grow subscriber volumes.

Accelerating the sales process

To accelerate the sales process and remain innovative, N3 has developed Digital Demand Generation, a program that integrates predictions, social selling, and marketing automation strategies. As the technology world marches onward at an indefatigable pace, they constantly tweak and update their strategies to maximize potential opportunities. Business analytics is one of the most useful tools that businesses can leverage to increase growth.

Closing the sale

In traditional sales, a prospective buyer often must take the initiative as the salespeople don’t engage them proactively and guide them through the process. N3 offers Full-Cycles Sales services, where their sales and technical representatives take care of the initial contact to closing the contract. With a streamlined system, N3 can hold representatives accountable. Greater transparency could lead to better work, creating more income for all parties involved.

Global sales

Not only does N3 cater to customers in North America, but they also have teams in over 25 countries. As the American market becomes more and more competitive (US companies are one of the leaders in budget percentage on marketing), more and more companies look to move overseas. Finding foreign clients is often easier said than done—culture, government, and wealth, and other factors often differ widely. N3 Global Sales Platform steps into the gap to help their clients navigate around potential pitfalls.

If you want to get a broader overview of the inside sales, beyond lead generation, and customer success management outsourcing, next to N3, you can also review the services of companies such as EBQ, Bandalier, Influx, and others.

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Photo Credit: The feature image has been done by Cheuk Yan Ng.
Source: N3 website, Anthony Chaine (LinkedIn)

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