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Microsoft Releases New Customer-Centric Solution “Parature”

Around a year ago, Microsoft has started a new set of acquisitions by getting some important names under its belt. One of the major acquisitions in this regard was definitely Parature, which is one of the largest companies that offer cloud based customer service. With it, Microsoft plans to provide a much better customer service for its services, and it also plans to integrate it into a solution that will help other companies as well.

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGOWith this in mind, it seems that Microsoft will soon release a new Parature version this spring that will focus on providing some new capabilities to its coveted product, with the main reason of delivering engaging, one of a kind customer service through multiple channels, devices and app, which is neat to say the least.

In this new Parature, professionals will have the opportunity to enjoy a new set of customer service tools that will help them perform diagnosis, analysis and solve the issues that are encountered by the customers.

But that is not all, as it seems that Microsoft will also sell Parature through its online service, which definitely means that Parature will finally integrate with the online offerings of its parent company.


In the beginning, the Parature service will be provided in around 50 markets all over the world and, what’s even more, it will be available in 10 different languages, which is very impressive to say the least. Having a stellar customer experience has become a necessity for any company, mainly because most users nowadays are choosing a company that brings them services which are unique and tailored specifically to fulfilling their needs and expectations.

Parature is all about offering access to some great services, services that are necessary when it comes to making the company work seamlessly and providing it with better results.

knowledge-management-km-parature-microsoft-news-release-solution-crm-cloud-based-new_editedIn the upcoming release, Parature is going to include around 30 different features that are increased towards the productivity and proactivity of all the customer service teams, but it’s also focusing on the ways that companies can use in order to customize their customer service experience and generating better results.

Multilingual and translation capabilities are also on the list of Parature, and the fact that more and more companies are integrating it into their daily endeavors clearly shows the large amount of importance that Parature is bringing to the table. Thanks to some great and useful tools, Parature successfully manages to provide the much needed support that companies need in order to fulfill the needs of their customers.

In conclusion, every company needs to have a great customer experience if they want their clients to keep coming to their services, and this is why the new release of Parature can really make a difference. With multilingual support and numerous other features, Microsoft is once again changing the business landscape, and we can’t wait to see what will happen in the business landscape once Parature gets released this spring.

YouTube: Parature, from Microsoft – A Day in the Life

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