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Maximize the Potential of the Stylus with LG VELVET

We’ve seen different companies create smartphones paired with styluses as it becomes more essential to have an active pen on hand. From creating digital art to simply signing documents, having a stylus can be very useful.

With that, LG created the LG VELVET which highlights the use of the stylus. It was made with to improve productivity and provide a premium experience with the feeling of using a real writing instrument.

Solid phone specs

The LG VELVET is an ultra-slim, elongated phone with a symmetrical front and curved corners. It has a 6.8″ OLED screen with a 2460 x 1080 pixels resolution for the feeling of using a laptop or a book. The brand constantly seeks to innovate and offer dynamic, high-performance smartphones that differ from the classic functional flat design which they also attempt with this phone.


The LG VELVET is also a powerful 5G device and has incredible speakers. However, its camera system may be lacking in performance and can be insufficient for the most demanding users.

A smartphone made for the stylus

The highlight for the LG VELVET is the support it gives for the active pen. Coupled with the dual-screen accessory, it offers the option of handling the device in a unique, faster, and more efficient way. When we add an active pen to the equation, productivity is guaranteed.


Users will be able to write and sketch with precision and comfort thanks to the pre-installed QMemo+ app. The LG VELVET is compatible with active pens that feature Active Electrostatic Digitizer (AES) technology, making it possible to draw and take notes with third-party pens. You can use the active pen without minimizing apps or stopping doing what you are doing.

Converting written notes to calligraphy and coloring has never been easier. An active pen is an ideal instrument to unleash your creativity, demonstrate your artistic potential, or make notes during a video call. You can even add the paper sound effect as you write for a better and more realistic experience. The LG VELVET is currently available at $599. Meanwhile, the additional dual-screen is priced at $199.

YouTube: LG VELVET In-Depth Review by Austin Evans

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