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MyFocusSpace: Staying Productive with a Virtual Peer

The COVID-19 global lockdowns have shaped our work culture in ways that could not have been predicted before. Work-from-home was an option before but has become a dire need now. In the current situation, businesses are looking for more ways to improve online team collaboration and engagement. Platforms such as Trello, Sqwiggle, and Voodle to name a few, are providing creative means for a flawless peer-to-peer virtual connection.

However, MyFocusSpace is a little bit different than the rest. While it does have a work focus in its catalog, the company focuses more on solving work-from-homes issues such as loneliness, procrastination of tasks, and time management.

Viorica Vanica and Ionut Mistreanu founded this platform to be an AI-powered virtual co-working space designed to also check peer accountability. The idea came from their collective experience over the last year when the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home. After the first few weeks of working from home, they realized that “some started to feel very lonely” while “others realized how productive they could be when working from home and simply wanted to become even more efficient with their time and focus.” This lead to the emergence of MyFocusSpace.

Peer accountability in virtual space

Vanica compares her dancing partner and her accountability buddy on MyFocusSpace. She realized that both required “support, focus of building habits, dedication to long-term goals, and knowing the importance to be consistent.” Whether it is a dance performance, a theatrical performance, or a product demo, teams need coordination, a seamless flow, and a little bit of waltz. Vanica defines an accountability buddy as someone who helps you organize the task at hand.

All you have to do to get started is to signup on MyFocusSpace for free with an email address or a social media account, fill in your profile information, and wait to be matched with a remote accountability partner. This accountability partner will work with you via a video session.

Mindful minutes

After you book a date in your calendar, MyFocusSpace will match you with a member of the my-focus-space community, based on the profile information. Each video session could last for 1-2 hours long, depending on your availability. Vanica says that “you should choose a time that best suits you” and the AI will match you with the right partner.

To get the most out of a MyFocusSpace session, users should come in at least 10 minutes early or no later than two minutes late of the appointed time. Being mindful of the task lists is also a basic requirement to get an effective session.

To give you an idea of how a MyFocusSpace session may go, an hour session can start with 10 minutes of discussing the task you’re working on with your partner. The rest of the 50 minutes can be spent on your work with mics off. Nine minutes before the end of the session, a sound will signal you to share ideas and impressions with your partner. After that, the result of the task performed will show up on the analytics dashboard with insights into your performance.

Currently available as an alpha version, MyFocusSpace is open to feedback and comments. You can invite a friend to join you or join a private community to help you stay focused and veer away from procrastinating. The trial pack consists of 10 free one-hour sessions. For a more extended and wholesome experience, you can try their packaged plans. There’s the Flow pack which costs $9.99, and the New Year Resolution pack that costs $19.99.

YouTube: MyFocusSpace is on #ProductHunt

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