More and More Businesses Offering Work at Home Positions


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According to, telecommuting is the future. As time goes on, more and more businesses will offer remote-work positions. Imagine doing your job from the comfort of your home office. Sounds great, right?

It is.

Telecommuting offers a work-life flexibility that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s no commuting, and you don’t have to worry about a coworker stealing your lunch from the breakroom. Because, when your kitchen is the break-room, all the food is yours. Plus, you can work in your pajamas (except when you’re asked to video chat for an important meeting; then, you better put some nice clothes on).

Snagging a Telecommuting Position

So, how does one graduate to at-home worker? If it’s possible to perform your current work duties at home, ask your boss if he would consider making yours a remote position. If you’re too nervous to make this request, add it to the company “Suggestion Box.”

If you’re looking for a new job, search online job boards for the follow keywords and phrases:

  • Telecommuting jobs
  • Work at home jobs
  • Telecommuting
  • Remote worker or remote worker wanted
  • And, WAH (it stands for work-at-home)

You need to have the skills necessary to perform all the duties required. The job offer should list all the necessary requirements, including education, skills, and technology. Don’t waste your times applying for jobs you’re not qualified for.

Make Sure You Have the Right Technology

If you don’t have the correct computer peripherals, you better have a plan to get them. Whatever you do, don’t lie on your resume because your computer’s capabilities will be tested. For example, if the job requires Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS), you better have Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, and Premier Pro or After Effects installed on your hard drive or a plan to get them there quick.

Types of WAH Careers

There are bunches of types of WAH jobs, and very few careers. If you’re looking for a job, you’ve got options, including customer service, sales, virtual assisting, medical transcriptionist, and tutor. These jobs don’t pay very much, and there’s limited opportunities for growing a business.

If you’re looking to build a career, there are many more opportunities for increasing your wealth. The best way is to start your own at-home business. You’re the boss, and you have unlimited earning potential.

One of the best paying at-home businesses is a service based business, such as building and repairing. If you’re into computer technology, building and repairing computers is an excellent way to build a company, especially if you build niche computers, such as rugged computers with embedded PC or gaming computers. Advertise in the newspaper, online, and even on television or the radio to build a customer base.

Here’s some more examples of careers you can build at home:

  • Writing/editor
  • Web developer
  • Designer
  • Teach online courses

How to Stay Productive At-Home

If you were working outside the home, you’d have a schedule. To remain productive, go ahead and create a daily schedule. Include scheduled breaks and lunch, as well as scheduled tasks. Stick with normal hours, such as 9 to 5, unless your boss requires you to work another schedule.

Don’t let loneliness get in the way of your productivity. To combat loneliness, it’s recommended that you communicate with your colleagues on a semi-regular basis. Schedule meetings, even if they’re just to catch up. This is going to help you feel connected to your work, your team, and your company as a whole. If possible, set up a group chat where you can stay connected during scheduled business hours.

A telecommuting job can be a real dream-come-true. Even if it’s something you never imagined you’d be doing, more and more jobs are being offered to at-home workers. So, get ready. Get prepared. And, take it seriously. If you do, you’re going to advanced your career in the most comfortable way possible.

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