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Museum Traveller: The Future of Touring Museums

Going to a museum is one of the best activities that you can do to learn in a more interactive and fun way. You can get a better understanding of our history and how the world works while seeing things like artifacts, fossils, and artwork. Some museums even let you interact with the things around you to engage you in learning.

Museums bring benefits to the community in terms of cultivating the thirst for knowledge and opening discussions about what we know of our world today. The knowledge you gain can lead to enriching discussions with other people and continue the cycle of learning new things.

Museum Traveller
Image: Museum Traveller

Unfortunately, due to the current global situation, we are all stuck at home and have no access to go to an actual museum. Even without the pandemic, some areas don’t have an accessible museum nearby. However, Museum Traveller makes it that anybody can access its doors within the comforts of their homes.

Virtual museum

What makes Museum Traveller intriguing is not just the accessibility of going to a museum in a virtual space with your computer or a VR headset. The team behind the platform ensures that tourists would be guided by professional educators, curators, and museum directors to maintain an interactive presentation of the field through videos. This ensures that the information you get is as accurate as possible.

Museum Traveller
Image: Museum Traveller

The presentations will be accessible on Museum Traveller which also includes behind-the-scenes footage and laboratory exploration. Additionally, users are allowed to navigate through a variety of “museums, science and wildlife centers, and historical sites” at their own pace. They can also join in live events, take quizzes, and play games. The platform also has multilingual support along with high-resolution photos and videos.

Currently, Museum Traveller is available on Kickstarter with less than $10,000 left to reach their goal and 21 days left to spare. For those who are interested, you can still get a subscription starting at $30.

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