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Gain Knowledge from Industry Experts with Atheneum 

While the internet provides vast amounts of data, it’s hard to filter reliable and valuable information from such. Each client has specific needs that require specific intelligence resources. To cater to this, Atheneum‘s technology helps businesses hire the right experts suitable for their needs. It only takes less than 24 hours before it finds the right resources of data for every client.

Atheneum, a Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) company, was founded by Ammad Ahmad and his co-founders Marta Margolis and Mathias Wengeler in 2010. During its decade of operation, it has built various network industries containing more than 550,000 executives and experts. These experts can provide market trend insights to its clients, depending on their specialization.

Ahmad explains that Atheneum’s vision is to provide a one-stop-shop where clients can gather raw data quickly. This could be made possible as the company’s business model uses technology to gather intelligence. From surveys, live interactions, and online surveys, they continuously acquire intelligence from various industries. Its cloud-based analytics will then better process and understand all the gathered information. As a result, all of their decade’s worth of accumulating data and building networks will be readily available for clients.

Atheneum offerings

In a nutshell, it’s a custom-built technology offering the right and specific data to clients. This includes tapping industry experts from their pool of networks so that clients can gain first-hand insights that they can use to improve their business. Their clients can also integrate experts from Atheneum into their team if webinars or in-person meetings aren’t enough.

A client can experience a seamless process of connecting to global business leaders. That’s because Atheneum’s team can recruit qualified experts after a client presents specifications of their needs and schedule a consultation or meeting for the client and the expert. This is most beneficial for clients because they no longer have to exhaust themselves to find data and experts to help with their needs.

What’s more, Atheneum is available across different time zones since they have offices worldwide. It also offers research deliverables in 60 languages. Wherever the client is or whatever geographical data the client needs, the company can provide.

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