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MOZA Slypod Pro: The Multi-Purpose Monopod

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Videography is an exciting outlet for a person to display their creativity through a medium that can be visually appealing to everyone. While it seems easy to get into, it is difficult to master due to the various requirements for different scenarios.

Filming a particular scenario can require various types of equipment like tripods, sliders, drones, and controllers. Equipment can also be expensive and prove to be a hassle to carry around everywhere. Gudsen Technology, an innovative company specializing in high-tech camera equipment and accessories, released the MOZA Slypod Pro, a lightweight multi-purpose solution to making videography easier and more accessible.

MOZA Slypod Pro
Image: Gudsen Technology

Sly features

The MOZA Slypod Pro is the world’s first electronically height-adjustable monopod. It is a combination of a traditional monopod, a camera slider, and a fully adjustable jib arm. The combination of the three accessories creates a versatile piece of equipment that is both easy to carry and use.

The combination allows the MOZA Slypod Pro to be used by itself to capture seamless, smooth video at any angle without the hassle of having to worry about multiple systems. Its versatility and functionality allow for smooth drone-like footage, making it the perfect companion for a quick cinematic masterpiece.

Features and specs

The MOZA Slypod Pro is made out of lightweight carbon fiber, making this extensive piece of machinery weigh only 1.46 kilograms. The slider is motorized and can smoothly extend to upwards of 530mm. The slider can also be remotely controlled for a greater range of usability.

MOZA Slypod Pro
Image: Gudsen Technology

The MOZA Slypod Pro’s clever design makes its mechanical aspects essentially weather resistant. It can also be used in combination with other MOZA products such as the AirCross 2 gimbal and MOZA Master App. It can be used to create dynamic motion footage with perfect stability. The app can also be used to pre-program movements so users can focus on the shot instead of having to worry about camera equipment.

The MOZA Slypod Pro was designed to be portable without sacrificing functionality and durability. Its carbon fiber body and three-legged stand allow it to be set up in any situation faster than traditional setups. Users won’t have to worry about losing the shot due to the time it takes to set up equipment.

YouTube: Meet the Slypod Pro | Official Trailer

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