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Monitor Your Health Better with Span Health

Keeping track of our health, especially our diet, is very tough. You may wonder how things went wrong when you’re following a supposedly very effective diet plan recommended by a friend. You can’t help but wonder why it does work on others and doesn’t work on you.

Health and fitness is a difficult journey that needs the willpower to stick to a program. There are a lot of programs out there, but the problem is on starting one. A lot of programs, equipment, and diet plans will definitely help along the way, but beginners need guidance to do it thoroughly, like a gym instructor or a nutrition expert. However, with Span Health, monitoring your health is at the tip of your hand. 


Monitoring your health

With gyms and health centers still closed in some parts of the world, an app like Span Health is a welcome substitute to a gym instructor and a nutrition expert. And you are good to go. The app helps users cruise to optimal health by tuning their diet and exercise.

Span Health
Image: Cameron Venti / Unsplash

This app will monitor your food intake and then give you a hint at what food intake likely affects your health. It will also give you a helpful guide on your diet. This way, Span can help change your health habits by closely monitors your daily habits and recommend the exercise you need for better wellbeing.

Apart from that, Span Health helps you manage your sleeping routine. By logging in to the app, you can closely monitor your sleeping habits and get evaluated according to the quality of your sleep.  

Span Health is useful because you will be working with a team in your health progress. You will have a supportive team along the way to translate your biometric data into action. The team will study your body mechanisms based on your logged data. They will look for the best health plans for you. They will cater a personalized health coaching that will suit your needs. You will be guided by the team on what are the possible solutions to your health dilemma.

Span Health is definitely an alternative to look at if you want to start your health journey right. For now, you’ll need to sign up if you want to get access to the app. 

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Maksim Chernyshev. The photo in the body of the article was done by Cameron Venti.

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