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3 Fitness Apps with Different Diet Strategies

Did you ever say you were going on a diet but precisely 5 minutes after that you chomp on carbs? Or maybe you did try dieting for a week or so but didn’t see any changes and decided to give up? Well, these are typical scenarios of a person promising to themselves that they’ll lose weight.

But why not get a little bit of motivation from the comfort of your smartphone? Diet app? More like fitness app! I love fitness apps because they’re like your personal trainer, they remind you of what to do, and you won’t even miss it because you’re always holding your phone! So here are 3 fitness apps with different diet strategies: (see which one suits you best)

1. Lose Weight in 30 Days

It has been deemed Editor’s Choice, Best of 2017 App, Best Hidden Gem App, and Best Daily Helper App by the Google Play Store. This app contains a meal plan for 30 days (with a shopping list). It includes your 3 meals a day and even snacks! Yay! Everything is very well organized with this app. It also contains a 30-day exercise routine if you’re willing to do it. It doesn’t require any equipment so you can lose weight even at home!

It has audio and a video guide to making sure you’re doing all the exercise correctly. It tackles different parts of your body each day and gives you a rest every 3 days so your body can adjust to the change. It tracks the calories you burned and your weight as well, all of which can be synced to Google Fit. I really recommend this app to people who are just starting out with losing weight and absolutely have no idea where to start.

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2. My Fitness Pal

With a 4.6 stars rating on Google Play, My Fitness Pal is made by Under Armour. This is app helps you diet based on calories per day, 1500 calories for men and 1200 calories for women. So the good news is, you can eat anything you want! But, you have to keep it within your calorie count. This app tracks what you eat and computes the calories for you.

It has an extensive food database which you can just search the food you ate or create your own meals to input every now and then. But what happens if you go over your calorie count? Don’t worry! This app also tracks and calculates your exercises, such as your steps and workouts. So you can burn some calories and eat them again! Woohoo!

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3. Zero

This app I put last because it is only available on the iOS App Store with a 4.8 rating. Zero is a fasting tracker app, but wait, what is fasting exactly? To put it in simple words, humans have 2 states that they are in, namely, the fed-state and the fat burning-state.

As we usually eat 3 meals a day, we are always in the fed-state, and our body can never get to the fat-burning-state cause we typically eat every 6 hours or so. Therefore, fasting isn’t really dieting, you don’t really have to watch what you eat but when you eat. Zero supports two types of fasting methods:

“16-Hour Intermittent Fast: Popularized by Hugh Jackman and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as a fast to trim extra pounds. It is common to fast after dinner to around lunch the following day.”

“Circadian Rhythm Fasting: Based on the research from Dr. Panda (Salk Institute), participants are encouraged to fast 13 hours per day, starting each fast at or before sunset. Zero uses your location to calculate the daily sunset time for the best possible accuracy.”

Or you can make your own custom fast that is based on your personal schedule.

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So which type of dieting method will you choose? The one where you watch what you eat, watch how much you eat, or when you eat? I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!

Photo credit: “Calorie Counter” feature image by Steve Buissinne
Editorial notice: This article does not provide medical advice and results may vary. Diet strategies should not be combined and might require sufficient practicing time before any effect can take place.

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