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Metafy: Great Gaming Through Great Training

Metafy is a training ground for people who want to become better gamers but need help doing so. Here, you can hire a gaming coach to train you one-on-one, help you build your skill base, and guide you along your way. I decided to try it out myself so here are some things I found about the platform.

Games and scheduling

Metafy has a good selection of games to choose from, most of which are modern MOBA’s and Arena-style shooters. I did find a few coaches covering some of the classics. There is also a category that seems to be a catch-all for older games. Right now, it looks like only one coach is covering that category, which may change as things progress.

The coaches at Metafy design specific courses and set time slots. Meanwhile, students set a schedule within those time slots that work for them. If there are any scheduling conflicts, I’ve noticed that most coaches are willing to work with people on those issues.


Speaking of which, Metafy hosts several coaches. Currently, they claim to have over 650 “world-class” coaches on the site. On your dashboard, there is a button called “find a coach.” This is where you can see what games are currently being taught. After you pick a game you get a list of coaches to choose from.

Each coach in Metafy has a short profile, prices for each course, and a button to open chat with them. You can also see what accomplishments each coach has achieved. Next to each coach’s bio is a list of rankings for each competition they have taken part in.

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Communication seems to be predominantly Discord-based as Metafy doesn’t have an in-house tool for communication. However, they do have a guide on how you can link your Discord.

After 30 minutes of looking, I was unable to find a vetting policy. This doesn’t mean they don’t have one; it just means it’s probably not made public.


Metafy claims lessons start as low as $15.00, so I made an account to check out the services. I found several people charging less than $15.00 per lesson, but there’s a catch. To hire a coach you have to buy Metafy credits.

Image: Daniel Bennett

These credits are in predefined amounts with extra processing fees tacked on. Here is the basic purchase process:

Subtotal $10.00 | Processing Fee $1.00  Total $11.00

Subtotal $20.00 | Processing Fee $1.00  Total $21.00

Subtotal $30.00 | Processing Fee $2.00  Total $32.00

Subtotal $50.00 | Processing Fee $2.00  Total $52.00

Subtotal $100.00 | Processing Fee $4.00  Total $104.00

Subtotal $200.00 | Processing Fee $7.00  Total $207.00

Subtotal $500.00 | Processing Fee $15.00  Total $515.00


The “Other” option lets you purchase the number of credits you want instead of a set amount.

Image: Daniel Bennett

With any new and evolving idea, there are going to be roadblocks and changes. Metafy is still very young in its development and I suspect to see many changes in the future.

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Metafy and has been provided for press usage. All other images have been taken by the author for TechAcute.

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