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MEAZOR: The All-in-One Measuring Tool

Professionals such as designers, architects, and the like have to work with exact measurements. This means that they have to have several measuring tools with them to do their job, from measuring tapes to t-squares.

While these are reliable and have been the tools of the trade for the longest time, having to switch from one measuring tool to the next is cumbersome. HOZO Design addresses this problem by creating MEAZOR, an all-in-one measuring device that can fit in your pocket.

Image: HOZO Design

Small in size, big in features

Don’t be fooled by MEAZOR’s size. Though it is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is definitely loaded in terms of its design and features. With less than 4 inches in length, this device contains a 1.3 round LCD touch display, a 4096-grade roller on one side, and a laser gauge on the other.

Image: HOZO Design

If needed, the MEAZOR even has a foldable stand and a tripod screw hole for more accuracy. It runs with a high-speed processor for precise measuring, and its 550mAh rechargeable battery could last for 30 days or 16 running hours in a single charge. On top of all that, it also has an accompanying app.

Next level measuring

MEAZOR can act as a level, scale, rolling ruler, and can also scan floor plans and calculate angles, making it the ultimate compact digital measurement tool. Despite its many complex functions, it is user-friendly and could easily convert the data into any type of measurement that is needed. It has 25 built-in US standard scales, 20 built-in metric scales, and customized scales in-app. It could measure in inches, feet, yards, miles, millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers.

Image: HOZO Design

By simply rotating the MEAZOR by 360 degrees, the laser, which could measure up to 82 feet, could instantly provide and draw a 2D floorplan for you on its accompanying app. It saves the data on the app, where the users could draw, edit and save the output. Once edited, the vectors and maps can be shared with others like your colleagues, clients, or your contractors. This is maybe nothing to be considered as part of a construction software portfolio but maybe it could still become a part of a construction professional’s gadget and tool portfolio?

Image: HOZO Design

The MEAZOR is certainly a powerful tiny device that could replace any other measuring tool in a heartbeat. So far, HOZO Design was able to launch successful campaigns for this device on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. The device is scheduled to be delivered by October 2021. Meanwhile, the app for both Android and iOS will be available in June 2021.

YouTube: MEAZOR: The All-in-One Measuring Tool

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