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Vanishing Point Ruler Opens a New Perspective for Designers

Drawings that are crafted incorporating a vanishing point have a strong focus on perspective and angle. Vanishing point drawings are often used by architects or designers to provide a more realistic view of a concept to their clients.

Until now it wasn’t easy to prepare such drawings due to the lack of technical tools that would aid the artist in the process of drawing, but now Lukas Kienreich, from Graz in Austria, has formed his own brand called “ENGRAVED,” to offer his product design to address precisely this problem.

A proper tool is needed

This product is the vanishing point ruler that allows artists to work a lot faster on their designs. It prevents smudging and tearing of the paper and overall makes it easier to create. The two primary functions of the tool are guiding and ruling while the drawing is being done. Especially if you get two vanishing point rulers on your drawing board, it can significantly help your productivity. Check out the video below this article for a great example of drawing the Frederick C. Robie House using two vanishing point rulers together.

The rulers make use of magnets to allow for smooth operating, and you can quickly adjust angles and distances for your drawing. Lasers carved small details into the birch plywood, and a transparent acrylic was used as a base. They also put a protective layer of coating on top of the material to make sure you can just wipe off any ink accidents.

Sold out on Kickstarter

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign live in which they try to get the vanishing point ruler (VPR) crowdfunded. As of now they have already achieved their goal and will continue to collect backings there until Friday in a week (12th of January, 2018). You can no longer “order” a ruler there, but when they were still available, one vanishing point ruler cost about $22. If you’re interested in buying one in the future, you should keep an eye out for Lukas Kienreich and ENGRAVED.

Kickstarter: Vanishing Point Ruler (The handmade ruler for your own vanishing point drawings)

Photo credit: Lukas Kienreich

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