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Lord of the Rings without Special Effects [Video]

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Special effects, or sometimes referred to as SFX or VFX, is the gift of technology to help movie makers to grant us, the audience, a more immersive experience. Storytellers always have a specific vision in mind, and commonly that is a challenge to replicate in a movie or series. Even with the possibilities that computers give to movie production, there are commonly compromises.

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Today we want to show you a video from the Fame Focus YouTube channel in which they show us more about how Lord of the Rings (2001) would have looked if you had taken away all the special effects. It’s also interesting to hear about analog ways of producing special effects without leveraging the power of computers. Enjoy!

YouTube: Lord of the Rings – All VFX removed (Jayme Gutierrez)

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Andres Iga.

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