5 Underrated Young Adult Adventure Book Series


I’m sure a lot of young adults are sick of romantic comedy books. Majority of novels nowadays revolve around romance, and sometimes we need a breather that brings action and passion back into our hearts.

We have the typical fictional fantasies like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, etc. But what about those series that are just as amazing but didn’t get that famous? Here are 5 underrated young adult adventure book series: (or maybe adults can enjoy it too)

1. Monsters of Verity

My friend introduced me to this series by saying, “The two main characters are the typical guy and girl. The girl burns down a church to impress her father and the guy plays a violin to kill people”. And I was immediately confused and intrigued at the same time that I definitely had to read it! It wasn’t a disappointment, I assure you.

Monsters of Verity was written by Victoria Schwab and is a duology consisting of the titles: This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet. It revolves around the said main characters Kate Harker and August Flynn, the two heirs of a divided chaotic city harboring violence in every corner. This is definitely a good read for people who are into a bit of a dark look towards fiction novels.

2. Ascendance Trilogy

The Ascendance Trilogy is probably the most mature and graphic of all of the series in this list. This is the book that got me to appreciate the medieval setting sincerely. The first book talks about a kingdom that is falling to pieces when the whole royal family is dead. Bevin Conner then goes around orphanages buying children who resemble Prince Jaron, the rightful heir to the throne. On his journey, he meets 14-year old Sage and has him compete against all the other “Prince Jaron’s” he has found.

The rest of the series then revolves around the revelation within the book. So, I’ll stop here because there is a huge spoiler that twists the whole plotline. Probably the best plot twist in the history of plot twists for me. The Ascendance Trilogy was written by Jennifer A. Nielsen and consists of the following titles: The False Prince, The Runaway King, and The Shadow Throne. Definitely something to read if you want to get mind blown.

3. All the Wrong Questions

A brilliant series written by none other than the legendary Lemony Snicket. Yes, yes, the same Lemony Snicket that wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events. But that wasn’t his only good book! The main character of the series is none other than 13-year old detective, Lemony Snicket as well. He moves to the town Stain’d-By-The-Sea, which was mostly abandoned after having its sea drained. He tries to solve the mysteries around this peculiar town and comes along some very interesting people.

This series is so random and creative and brilliantly written. All the Wrong Questions is a four-part series containing the following titles: Who Could That Be at This Hour?, When Did You See Her Last?, Shouldn’t You Be In School?, and Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights? Such a brilliant series and a subtle choice from the rest of the series on this list.

4. The Magisterium Series

Try to think about a mash-up of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Harry Potter and you pretty much got the idea of The Magisterium Series. The Magisterium apprentices are trained in using the four elements, and every year there is an assessment where the teachers at Magisterium get to pick their apprentices. We follow the story of Callum Hunt in this series as he tries to figure out who he really is and what this means for the rest of the world. This would have to be the second best plot twist of all plot twists following the Ascendance Trilogy.

So I can’t really say a lot about what happens in the whole series, you’re just gonna have to find out. The Magisterium Series is a collaboration by Holly Black (author of The Spiderwick Chronicles) and Cassandra Clare (author of The Mortal Instruments). It is intended to be a 5-part series consisting of: The Iron Trial (published), The Copper Gauntlet (published), The Bronze Key (published), The Silver Mask (published), and The Golden Tower (to be published on September 2018).

5. Artemis Fowl

I purposely put this series last because it is my all-time favorite. The first book of Artemis Fowl series revolves around the 12-year old criminal mastermind that has kidnapped a fairy, but these aren’t the kind of fairies you’re thinking of. They’re highly armed and trained Lower Elements Police. Everything in the series follows the events of what happened after the first book. The two most admirable traits of this series are the complex plot-line and unique theme. Eoin Colfer is such an amazing author connecting so many events into one. At first Artemis has the upper hand but instead, the antagonist has the upper hand but then again Artemis planned for his plan to fail and everything is just so mind-blowing.

I also really recommend this book to people who love both sci-fi and traditional mythology because this book takes on an amazing flurry of the two. Artemis Fowl is an 8-book series consisting of the following titles: Artemis Fowl, The Arctic Incident, The Eternity Code, The Opal Deception, The Lost Colony, The Time Paradox, The Atlantic Complex, and The Last Guardian. Hurry and start reading this series because it’s first ever movie adaptation is being released in 2019! You can read about that here.

There you have it! 5 underrated young adult adventure books series, so tell me what you think about these books in the comments down below. Have anything to add to the list? If you’re looking for a more non-fiction reading list, you absolutely should check out “10 Science Books to Read This Summer” by Amina and Chris.

Photo credit: The feature image “reading” was done by Marco Nürnberger.

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