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Loggo: Tracking Your Child’s Symptoms Better

Fever is one of the scariest words for a mother. When a child’s temperature rises, any mother starts to panic. A mother will surely keep her eyes on her child to make sure everything is alright. She would keep a record of everything like the body temperature, the type of medicine, and the body’s response or reaction.

Just the act of keeping things in check is a lot of work. Thankfully, there’s an app that can help moms out there to lessen the burden. Loggo is a simple app that primarily helps moms keep track of their child’s symptoms and record their recovery.

Loggo for logging symptoms towards recovery

Loggo is a quick, efficient, and practical way to log and keep track of your child’s illness and recovery. You can easily input information to monitor your child’s journey towards recovery so you can tell if what you’re doing is effective. 

The app can help you keep track of medicine use, liquid intake, take notes, and export your data. To log your temperature, just slide to choose the temperature. With a push of a button, the temperature is registered with the date and time. Loggo supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature and .cl and oz. for liquids. With its readable timestamps, the app can show how long ago a certain medicine was administered.

More Loggo features

You can also take photos of certain physical attributes that need to be recorded. This is to help you keep track of the symptoms and recovery of your child. If you’re worried about the privacy of your child, don’t fret; the pictures within Loggo stay on your device. As mentioned, you can export your data using Loggo. All items logged in can be exported to a PDF file if you want to share it with your physician or someone else.

Loggo may be a parent’s next best friend when it comes to taking care of their child. Right now, the app is available for free, but it also has in-app purchases to unlock certain modes to keep track of your child’s health better. The app is available on iOS and Android.

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