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Top 3 Photo Editing Apps of 2017

Photography has become one of the most popular hobbies over the last couple of years. With social media apps such as Instagram taking over the world, It is no longer enough to just have a phone with a good camera you need to a great filter to make your images stand out.

Here are three free apps you can download which could make you a professional photographer over night.

VSCO Social Photo Editor App1. VSCO

VSCO or VSCO Cam is a relatively easy app to use, it similar to Instagram’s camera features. This app offers a variety of filters to chose from. You can import pictures from your gallery edit them and then save the edits then post it on to any social media platform of your choosing. The unique feature of this app is the fact that it offers the most minimalistic filters thus giving your pictures that professional touch without making your pictures look overdone.


2. Snapseed

Snapseed is another very popular photo editing app in the modern era. It was first introduced to iPhone users, but over the years it has been made available to Android users as well. The most appealing feature of this app is the spot repair tool. This tool allows you to remove an item from the image that you don’t want.

Snapseed Google iTunes Android Photo Manipulation Editor Tweak Filters Easy


3. Prisma

Prisma has to be my personal favorite photo editing app. This app is more on the artistic side. This app dramatically transforms regular pictures into a funky piece of art. The app is said to have filters in famous artist styles such as Picasso, Van Gough, and Levitan. This app will ensure that you have the coolest pictures on the block.

Prisma AI Photo Editor Turning Snapshots into Art Styles


Photo credit: VSCI / Snapseed / Prisma AI
Source: Paul Moore (iPhone Photography School)

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