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Merging Functionality and Style with the Securain Backpack

For those who travel daily in the narrow and unforgiving streets of tightly packed cities, it’s always important to have the right gear. To aid bicycle commuters and urban couriers, French mobility start-up Cosmo Connected and inventive luggage stand-by Delsey Paris have teamed up to build the innovative Securain backpack.

The backpack of the future

According to Delsey and Cosmo, “over the last few years, micro-mobility has experienced a significant expansion. The current crisis has even accelerated this transformation through major changes in travelers’ behaviors and mentalities.” To satisfy this ever-growing demand for soft mobility or environmentally-friendly transportation, they designed this backpack, complete with a mounted light with an accompanying remote control, to provide a safe and secure ride.

Securain Backpack Cosmo Connected Light Turn Indication Crop

This backpack was built to work hard and smart. The waterproof and reflective Securain includes an intelligent, secure enclosure with an ultra-secure locking system that can hold a 15.6″ laptop and a tablet. Additionally, to improve on both security and functionality, “an anti-RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pocket is integrated into your backpack. The ideal pocket for your cards and phones.”

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Finally, the most unique feature of the Securain is the Cosmo Ride that comes in the form of light. The light comes with a remote control that can be attached to any bicycle. Meanwhile, the light that goes on the back of the Securain backpack not only serves as a constant running light, but also signals turns, serves as a brake light, and functions as an emergency warning light. To further provide for the safety of those who use the Securain, the Cosmo mobile app can detect accidents and can alert loved ones in less than 3 minutes.

United by a purpose

The Marketing and Digital Director for Delsey Paris Valérie Chebassier shared that the mission of the collaboration is “to organize safer and more environmentally friendly mobility.” She adds that “thanks to the union of our two areas of expertise, we are proud to offer together with a connected solution for all travelers in search of safety.”

Securain Backpack Cosmo Connected Handle Control

Fulfilling this need for safe, efficient, and green micro-mobility solutions is absolutely critical. According to them,  this was created “to contribute to the well-being and security of all.” Available in black, white, blue, and army colors, the Securain is available exclusively from December 2020 starting at 149€.


Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Delsey Paris and Cosmo Connected, and has been provided for press usage.

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