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We live in a very competitive world and being able to learn more and more as you progress in your career is really important. Thankfully, there are a lot of websites that can teach you the skills you need for your job, and http://ittrainingzone.com/ is definitely one of the best in the business in this regard.

Claire-Agutter-headshot-press-photo-profile-shot-large“The ITSM industry is getting more competitive and organisations are looking for staff who have a broad set of skills and knowledge.  Foundations for Professionals gives IT service management professionals a wide introduction to service management thinking, perfect for any stage of their career.”
– Claire Agutter, Director & VP Training Services

The benefits of studying online are tremendous, you can take your lessons from anywhere in the world, and schedule them according to your time, which is surely impressive. On top of that, you can study what you like, on any device you want, as there aren’t any restrictions. All you need to do is access IT Training Zone, select the ITSM course that you want and that’s it. All that’s required is the will to learn, because IT Training Zone takes care of everything else.

A CV that aims for a job in IT Service Management needs to be impressive, and the best course that IT Training Zone has to offer for anyone interested in such a thing is surely Foundations for Professionals, a program that is created exclusively for those people that work in the IT Service Management niche and want an excellent knowledge in their field of work.

it-training-zone-itil-cobit-obashi-logoThis program is the perfect fit for any professional that wants complete certification for ITIL, ISO 20000, COBIT 5 and OBASHI. Foundations for Professionals is 8 months long and costs around $799, providing the best value for money that can be found on the market.  People who already have one or more of these certifications can ‘top up’ by choosing a package of two or three courses rather than the full four course package.  What makes it really impressive is the fact that these courses cost a lot more individually and by accessing this program you will receive a large discount which is truly impressive.

Upon completion you receive an ITSM Foundations for Professionals Certificate from IT Training Zone Ltd, which shows that you undertook the program. This certificate can be very important when you attach it to your CV, so it’s very important that you access it right away.

We appreciated the fact that by accessing the program we had complete access to the training material, as well as downloadable study guides. It can be hard to know exactly where to start and if there is a lesson plan to follow, such confusion can be avoided and the users can focus on the actual learning itself.

Furthermore, the detailed video tutorials are simply stunning as they offer a lot of information and guide you at all times. And if that’s not enough, you have access to a large number of exercises, quizzes and resources that are very well designed and help you test your knowledge very fast.

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The package also includes some e-books that we found very useful in grasping all the IT Service Management Knowledge we need. Successful Change Management, ITIL Foundation Essential eBook and so on are professionally crafted and reading them is just a breeze. If you need more free resources you can get them from here at all times: http://itiltrainingzone.com/free-resources.

In conclusion, the Foundations for Professionals package brings an immense amount of value at a very low price and you can take advantage of it right away by visiting http://ittrainingzone.com/ffp/ffp-training-program and ordering now. It’s safe to say that this is the best training program for IT Service Management professionals, so don’t waste the opportunity and get it right away!

This article was a team effort. Thanks to Claire and the IT Training Zone team as well to all others from TechAcute, who have contributed.

Photo credit: Mecki Mac

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