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Koji Launches Guestbook to Display Your Followers’ Comments

Guestbooks were a huge thing back in the early days of the Internet but how to combine the thrill of back then with modern times of social media? For this, a San Diego-based Link-in-Bio platform called Koji recently announced the launch of its download-free Guestbook app. This allows users to share a moderated view of their followers’ thoughts by anonymizing them while still building their community.

Guestbook for the modern age

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have the Link in Bio as the only place where content creators can add links to their projects. However, Koji allows users to share all their projects under one roof. Its new Guestbook app creates a safe environment for people to share their thoughts on anything, from a single product to public content. Users will be empowered to moderate their followers’ text, protecting its viewers from sensitive and abusive content.

“Personal, intimate experiences like guestbooks, unfortunately, haven’t scaled well within the zero-sum, attention-driven frameworks of today’s social media. It’s interesting to see that Koji’s innovative Link in Bio launcher and download-free app store introduce new dynamics that transform these kinds of lightweight, impactful social experiences into competitive, modern applications,” shared Koji’s co-founder, Sean Thielen. The identity of the guests will be kept anonymous in the Guestbook app and content moderation will allow viewers to feel safe after clicking on the shared post.

The user will only need to link the Guestbook app to their Link in Bio or share it on any social media platform. Without the need to download or install the app, their followers can simply click on the link. Users are free to choose whether they want to moderate the contents or not. Choosing to moderate will notify the user of any message and ask for their approval for each so that it can appear on their followers’ feed.

The core competency of Koji is the library of templates that help content creators make engaging social media posts to put a spotlight on their work. Guestbook is just one of the many solutions that the company offers and it helps creators to learn about their community to make better content. It also helps users to monetize their posts so that they can have the funds to keep creating with the support of their followers.

YouTube: Koji: Upgrade your Link in Bio

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