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Instagram Tests Direct Messaging For Web Browsers

Connecting with your friends and loved ones all over the world has been made possible in various ways through technology. One of these is using social media platforms to directly message other people. There are many social media platforms that you can choose from to do so, and one of them is Instagram.

Ever since it began, the direct message feature was only available on the mobile application. This limitation isn’t a big deal. However, this could be quite a hassle especially when you can only use your computer and not your phone.

Now, we have a lot of messaging apps like Messenger or Telegram that can be used with a desktop app or a web browser. These might be simple functions, but they’re pretty useful especially when you’re too busy to use two gadgets at the same time. Thankfully, Instagram revealed that its Direct messaging function can soon be accessed using a web browser.


Testing DM on the web

On January 14, Instagram announced that they are in the midst of testing the direct message feature on web browsers. Since they are in the testing phase, it’s still not accessible to everyone. However, once everything is ready to go, we should have that familiar DM logo of Instagram on the web browser.

Instagram tweeted about their plans to have direct messaging on the web this year. However, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong revealed this development first through a tweet in October 2019.

Accessing Instagram’s Direct messaging feature on the web is a great idea. While people can’t take their hands off their phones most of the time, there are situations that it won’t be readily available to them.

I bet everyone’s waiting to access their Instagram Direct using a web browser, and that wait won’t be for long. They mentioned in an article that they’re targeting to have this feature finished and released this 2020. So, let’s wait ’til then.

Source: Mike Isaac (The New York Times)
Photo credit: The featured image has been taken by Erik Lucatero.

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