Klinio: The Diabetes App That Can Guide You to Better Health


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As of 2014, diabetes affects over 422 million people worldwide, and Klinio is here to help. The service from Klinio helps you manage your diabetes by providing personalized plans for nutrition, workouts, health metrics tracking, medication logging, and helpful tips and educational articles about diabetes. More than just a personal diet app? Read on to find out what makes the Klinio app one of the market-leading solutions to help all diabetes patients live a better life.

Meal planning and diet info customized for you

The Klinio diabetes app is not just for newly diagnosed people with the disease. In fact, Klinio can help those who have been living with diabetes for years as well. Klinio was developed in collaboration with world-class endocrinologists and dieticians, so you can be sure that you are getting the best advice possible. This is why, regardless of your knowledge level, Klinio is able to provide you with a tailored plan to follow in order to improve your health. Suppose one finds out that they actually do have diabetes or get the diagnosis from their doctor. In that case, Klinio is a good starting point for actually figuring out what you should do in order to stay happy and healthy with a condition that you’re not familiar with.

Klinio iPhone App Screenshot
Image: Klinio

You can do a quiz on the Klinio website or with their app, and after you have entered all of your information, you will be presented with an overview of your condition and receive suggestions on what you could do to be healthier. After creating your account, they will prepare a personalized plan for you. Klinio will also recommend certain foods that you should eat more of and others that you should avoid. The interesting aspect of the Klinio solution is that they focus on who you are as a person, and they consider your dietary preferences, whether you simply don’t like to eat a particular type of food or if you’re allergic to something.

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But the solution goes a bit further than “only” being a diet logger or meal planner. The app doesn’t just focus on the food that you eat but also provides helpful tips for working out and tracking your progress. Klinio offers a variety of workouts to choose from based on your preferences and activity level.

Klinio also helps with exercise and education

They also teach you exercises that you don’t need any equipment for as well. If you’re anything like me, you might prefer starting a habit without first needing to buy expensive equipment to even start figuring things out. You can even track your blood sugar levels, medication use, and other essential health metrics with Klinio’s built-in tracker. If you keep tracking and logging your personal data, you will also be able to better understand trends and how your wellbeing might relate to certain exercises or meals that you had. Perhaps there are interesting correlations to invest in or certain foods to avoid if that makes you feel better.

Next to the guides on staying healthy with exercises, the app also helps with more aspects of your day. You can use the daily tasks to keep track of all your medical to-dos and routines, such as measuring blood glucose levels or making sure you stay on top of your daily goals for walking a particular amount of steps every day. What I also found interesting is the reminder function to remember things like drinking enough water. Not long ago, I reviewed what sort of apps are there to remind me to drink enough water, but it’s already included in Klinio, so that’s rather useful.

Klinio - The Diabetes App That Can Guide You to Better Health - Exercising
Image: Ourteam / Adobe Stock

Klinio doesn’t just give you a personalized meal plan, but it also lets you log everything you’re making and eating so you get the flexibility that we all need in this day and age. When you’re creating your own meals and log it to the app, the community of users will also be able to rate your combinations and recipes, and you might inspire other chefs to try out something new as well. This kind of crowdsourcing the community of users is something that I haven’t seen in any other similar app yet, so that’s rather innovative in my books.

The Klinio diabetes app is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to managing your diabetes, be sure to check out Klinio. Once you visit their website or open their app, you are likely to find even more useful features as well. From a cost point of view, they offer service subscriptions, which is really a normal thing by now. If you first want to try things out, you can get a plan that is billed for three months of usage, and if you’re going to save some money on subscription fees, you can opt-in for the six-month or twelve-month packages.

The three-month package costs $2.99 per week, the six-month package is available for $1.99 per week, and finally, the best rate is in the twelve-month package, which is sold for $1.29 per week. I think as something that supports your health and wellbeing, a subscription like that is not likely going to have a significant impact on your balance. I’m sure that many spend more on their coffee every day than this, and health has a higher priority in my books. Depending on the region you live in and the health insurance that you have, your insurer might even cover the costs partially or in full. I’d check that with them to be sure.

As always, for health matters, please do consult your doctor if you think you might have diabetes or a similar condition. Assistive apps like Klinio are undoubtedly helpful for your wellbeing and managing many aspects of your life. However, you will still need to see a doctor who can monitor your health and help you with medication.

YouTube: Klinio – Health Manager in Your Pocket

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Dragon Images. The app screenshots were provided by Klinio as part of a media kit. The photo with the woman exercising with an app was taken by Ourteam.

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