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Nowadays, content creators spend hours creating the perfect blog article, video, ebook, and more. They spend time researching, editing, and promoting. There are plenty of different platforms and tools that help content creators get the most out of their work. For example, Uppbeat is a free music platform that provides creators with copyright-free music for their videos. Another app is called Spottd, used for sharing and discovering content without filters.

What if you had one tool that helps you repurpose one kind of content into another format? For that reason, content repurposing is a great way to reuse one type of content in another format. This will save you time and money. To successfully repurpose content, you’ll need the right tool. And that’s where Keevi comes in.

Content Repurposing Tool

We all know the famous phrase “content is king”. And yes, content is really king, but according to Keevi, it could sometimes be hard to create. For that reason, they let you repurpose any content in many formats within minutes. It’s one of the best content repurposing tools on the market.

But, what is content repurposing? It’s the process of taking the main elements of existing content and recreate it in different formats. For example, if you have a blog post, you can turn it into a video, PDF, ebook, and more. Or, if you have an audio file, you can transform it into a blog article, multilingual articles, and more. Keevi is an AI-based content repurposing tool that helps you repurpose any content in different formats. It does a quick and extensive search for you by targeting millions of quality pages across the Internet.

Once you have repurposed the content, Keevi allows you to publish your content on over 30 channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Medium, and more. Finally, you can further convert blog posts into videos, audio, multilingual articles by translating them, and more.

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Repurposing and more

Keevi is not just a simple content repurposing tool. It goes even further by providing you with various products to take advantage of. Here are the best products the platform has:

  • Video Editor – You can create your content into high-resolution videos and share them on the most popular social media networks. With Keevi’s Editor tool, it allows you to combine video clips, add audio, text, a call to action, logo, stickers, and more.
  • Screen Recorder – Whether you want to record the entire display or just a part of it, Keevi’s Screen Recorder will help you do that easily. The tool is simple and available for both Windows and Mac OS devices. Once recorded, you can download the video or immediately share it using the URL.
  • Video Cutter – if you need just a portion of an already-recorded video, you can use the Video Cutter tool and edit your video. All you have to do is to upload your video at Keevi to convert the video into text so you can easily select the best parts you need. Then, the tool will convert it into a video. When your new video is finished, you can download or publish it on social networks.
  • Add Subtitles to Video – Finally, this tool helps in adding and editing subtitles to videos for free. If you want your videos to go viral, you need to add subtitles to them. With Keevi, you can easily upload the video you want to have subtitles on, and then add or edit subtitles. You can also change the font, style, size, and position of the subtitles. There are three options to choose from – automatic, manual, and upload subtitle file.

The best thing about Keevi is that it’s a completely free content repurposing tool. If you’re a video content creator, then this is definitely a good starting tool to help.

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Joshua Rawson-Harris. The screenshot has been taken by the author for TechAcute.

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