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Uppbeat: Free Music Platform for Content Creators

There are plenty of content creators these days that record their daily lives and publish videos for a living. As a result, there are a plethora of tools available that ease the process of creating video content like Subly and FlexClip.

However, one of the biggest challenges that video creators face is finding quality music for their videos that won’t get them flagged for copyright infringement. Luckily, here we have a new music platform called Uppbeat that provides YouTubers and content creators with copyright-free music for their videos.

Removing barriers to good music

Today, more than 50 million people create and share content across platforms like YouTube and TikTok, and their main problem is to find quality music to soundtrack their videos. In order to avoid copyright claims, they need to purchase expensive license subscriptions. Uppbeat helps remove the barriers to high-quality and legitimate music.


The platform makes it easier for YouTubers and other content creators to find free music and use it in their videos. Uppbeat’s diverse collection of music and different playlists are designed to fit all types of content, whether it’s chill music for travel vlogs, background music for tutorials, or dramedy music for comedies. In fact, the platform has about 1,000 registered tracks from indie artists, producers, and composers around the world. These include names like Genuine Colour, Pryces, and Danijel Zambo.

The idea for Uppbeat comes from Lewis Foster and Matt Russell, the co-founders of another music company called Music Vine, which has been operating for about six years. Both Foster and Russel saw the opportunity to help video creators with an innovative product, and that’s how the platform was born. As Foster has explained, this is the platform that video creators have been waiting for. He said that the feedback they’ve received on the platform is very encouraging.

Apart from providing free music for the users, the purpose of Uppbeat is also to support the artists. For that reason, the platform has devised a business model that allows artists always to be paid fairly for their music, regardless of whether it’s been downloaded by someone with a free account or Uppbeat Premium.


If you’re interested in using Uppbeat, the first thing you have to do is to register an account by providing the usual information like email address and password. From there, you can start searching for copyright-free music. You can browse music using filters to find what you’re looking for easily. Besides, you can create your own playlists, save the best music as your favorites, and search for the current trending songs.

Creating an account in Uppbeat is free, allowing users to download up to 10 full-length tracks per month for free. Plus, they can freely use these tracks in YouTube videos without risking copyright claims. Meanwhile, the Premium package costs $6.99, which allows users unlimited and unrestricted access to the platform’s catalog. It also whitelists YouTube channels and preempts any future copyright claims. For those budding Youtubers looking for copyright-free music, this platform might be the key to providing the right tune for their videos.

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