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Spottd: Sharing and Discovering Content Without Filters

Have you ever found something interesting and unusual that wasn’t familiar to you? Did you ever want to share it with the world so that people can tell you what it was? Well, now you have the solution to such situations.

A group of technology enthusiasts created a mobile app where you can share your content with curious minds all over the world and get answers from them. The app is called Spottd.

Share interesting content

Spottd is an innovative mobile app that allows you to take pictures of anything you want and share them with the world. Suyog Eleyadath and Santhosh Kumar created this app and launched its beta version in July 2020.


The purpose of Spottd is simple – providing users with an online library of interesting and strange things they spot around them. Here, it’s very easy to upload your pictures and share them with the world. The app does not provide filters, effects, or stickers so that the pictures are presented without any alteration.

Spottd users are called “spotters,” and everyone has a unique username, or as the app calls it, “spottername.” To create an account, you just have to enter your email address. The app won’t collect any personal data such as gender, date of birth, or location.

Standout features

Since the app values protecting the original content of the photo, Spottd allows you to share photos of any resolution or aspect ratio. Creating an account only requires entering your email address, letting you follow and engage in conversations with other spotters around the world while remaining anonymous.


All the photos on Spottd are categorized with a single hashtag, unlike other social media platforms that allow for multiple hashtags. This helps the app to group photos into their respective category.

The team behind Spottd believes that the single hashtag system is the most effective way of categorizing photos. They also expect to have photos of any living creature, object, or place on the platform in five years.

If you’re the curious type who likes to discover and share interesting things, then Spottd is the right place for you. The app is currently available to download for Android devices, but we expect it to be released on iOS soon. Once you’re a member of the community, you can start sharing your content and discovering other content from fellow spotters.

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Spottd and have been provided for press usage.
Editorial notice: Update October 1st, 2020 – The author misinterpreted an aspect in regards to the apps function, which has now been corrected based on reader feedback.

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