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Lumashot: The Easy Video Kit for Content Creators

Videography is a skill that’s much needed these days, especially for those who make digital content for a living. However, to have quality content, videographers will need tools that will make the process easier. Lumashot is one such video kit that helps in video editing, recording, shooting, and more.

Lumashot combination
Image: Lumashot
Lumashot features

The Lumashot includes a variety of features that makes this all-inclusive unit an all-in-one choice for the diverse requirements of videographers. And it all comes in the form of a portable and lightweight device that looks like a flashlight.


While tripods are pretty common these days for both professional and amateur use, what sets Lumashot’s Instapod apart from the rest is that it can instantly transform into a tripod for creating videos on the go.


Apart from keeping your smartphone steady while shooting, setting up the tripod is a breeze so you can continuously record from being a handheld device to a tripod. It is also compatible with the Apple MagSafe, so you can just place your iPhone and you’re all set.

Magic Mic

Magic Mic is another high-quality tool that the Lumashot has. The tiny mic reduces the complexity of dealing with sound issues or wiring with just a single button and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It also has an easy magnetic setup, making it easy to use.

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Sound quality is a critical component when it comes to creating quality sound. While the Magic Mic does seem small, don’t let its size fool you. Lumashot boasts that the mic can create professional audio.


More often than not, creating videos requires doing a lot of takes, especially for videos that require a lot of talking into the camera. It also takes a lot of time getting used to for first-timers since it can feel a bit awkward talking into the camera. However, with Lumashot’s Autocue function, it doesn’t have to be as awkward.

Lumashot explainer
Image: Lumashot

The Autocue function helps boost a speaker’s confidence by providing a teleprompter on the side of the phone’s screen. Coupled with the remote control, this helps recordings become a smoother process without having to do multiple retakes.


The Lumashot aims to be an all-in-one solution for videographers to create professional videos seamlessly and on the go. It comes with a Base Kit that only has the Instapod, Magnet pad, and FastTrack App. Meanwhile, the Pro Kit includes all that along with the Magic Mic, remote control, and a travel case. While it does have a Kickstarter campaign, it seems that the creator canceled it as of this writing despite going over its goal.

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