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Jolife Transforms CPR Process with LUCAS 3

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR is one of the most basic yet critical medical procedures out there. This first aid step may look simple, but without proper training and knowledge, a poorly executed CPR may result in critical damages or even life loss. Now, with the emergence of medical technology, traditional CPR may change as well.

The upcoming improvements of healthcare will depend on the collaboration of technology and healthcare workers. One company, Jolife AB, attempts to change the way we do CPR by creating a device that can perform the task perfectly.

Image: Jolife AB

One breath at a time

Rescuing a person is a difficult and exhausting task for anyone. In performing CPR, most rescuers experience fatigue which may lead to a decrease in doing compressions and a slowing down of pace. Due to this, there’s usually a backup rescuer to switch so that the pacing and compression remain continuous. Jolife AB was aware of this problem and provided LUCAS 3, a device that will save a lot of lives and a tremendous amount of precious time.

LUCAS 3 is a device that is specially designed to give CPR to an adult. Its Chest Compression System can deliver steady chest compressions at a constant rate and power. It is also designed to be portable so it can be used everywhere, whether on the field or in transit to the hospital.

Image: Jolife AB

Overall, the device ensures an improved CPR quality since it eliminates the risk of fatigue and individual differences in CPR performance to the caregiver. More importantly, LUCAS 3 can bring increased blood flow to the brain and achieve higher End-Tidal CO2 values which basically is an indicator of quality CPR, unlike manual compressions.

From a conventional perspective, it might seem terrifying that our lives are being taken care of by machines. However, we’ve seen time and time again that technology can be used to enhance our lives and help take care of the sick and elderly. LUCAS 3 is an incredible invention in the field of healthcare and medicine. There are multiple scenarios that the equipment can perform efficiently, even in chaotic and challenging situations. With the innovative progress of digital healthcare, the future of healthcare definitely looks promising as it progresses exponentially.

YouTube: Physio-Control LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System – Prehospital Use

Photo credits: The images are owned by Jolife AB and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: American Heart Association / CPR Certification Course

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