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InSilicoTrials Introduces Drug Safety Suite For Medical Digital Simulations

The medtech industry has been experiencing rapid development over the past year, understandably so due to the pandemic that has taken most, if not all, nations by surprise. While companies and agencies are finding ways to address the effects of the current situation, the medical industry is looking for ways to directly respond to, and eventually, eradicate other medical issues. In short, creating medical drugs and devices.

However, to do that, these need to undergo medical trials before reaching the consumers. Just imagine the exorbitant amount of money and time until a certain treatment is made available to the public. This is where the startup spin-off company of Promeditec called InSilicoTrials comes into the picture.

InSilicoTrials is a company that aims to provide “technological solutions for medical trials”. This includes not only affordable pay-per-use pricing in conducting trials but also a digital platform to analyze medical data through modeling and simulation. The company’s founder and CEO Luca Emili believe that these two components are “the most innovative and effective solutions” for the timely development of medical drugs and equipment.

Running cloud-based medical trials

The medical trials are simulated against a database of computational models from different renowned universities that also conform to “regulatory agencies such as FDA in the USA and EMA in Europe”. Most recently, InSilicoTrials has introduced the Drug Safety Suite as an addition to the library of models that are available in its system.

This is important since the new Drug Safety Suite model can curb drug-induced Torsade de Pointes and proarrhythmia which are both connected to cardiac arrest. This model is created from tests done in vitro to allow for an in silico testing, reducing the possibility of an investment risk while producing reliable results. Essentially, the models available via the cloud-based library can be simulated with InSilicoTrials’ computing platform, leading to a cost-effective and accelerated means in delivering medical treatment to the public.


InSilicoTrials highlighted the first two products included in their platform brought about by the inclusion of Drug Safety Suite: the Safety Trials on hiPS (STrhiPS) and QT/TdP Risk Screen. The STrhiPS “helps evaluate drug-induced effects on the cellular action potential in hiPSC-CMs”. Meanwhile, the QT/TdP Risk Screen can measure the potential risk of triggering Torsade de Pointes and proarrhythmia from “drug compounds as classified by CredibleMeds”.

InSilicoTrials boasts itself as a pioneer in providing a cloud-based platform to the health industry “with easy-to-use tools to perform computational modeling and simulation”, and rightfully so. With the emergence of technology being utilized for more practical use, this may very well be a path to creating breakthroughs that will benefit us in the healthcare space in the long run.

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Photo credits: The feature image used is only symbolic and has been taken by Ani Kolleshi. The process map used is owned by InSilicoTrials and has been provided for press usage.

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