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Sentai: The Smart Device that Supports Elderly Care

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the UK’s aging population crisis coupled with the rise of loneliness, a British technology startup has developed a solution to help this situation. The solution comes in the form of Sentai, a device that aims to improve the care for the elderly and helps them live independently.

Support to elderly’s remote caregivers

According to the company, their founder and CEO Philip Marshman was independently caring for his father of 87 years which inspired the idea. He wanted to create a solution that could help him take care of his father when he is not present there physically. The result was Sentai, an AI-powered smart device which provides support to the elderly’s remote caregivers.


Sentai is a small and discrete device that is designed to fit in every home and deal with the everyday care needs of the elderly. At the same time, it helps older people connect to their loved ones.

Thanks to AI, Sentai can constantly learn more about the user and their behavior, enabling it to develop a unique relationship with them. For example, it can detect the mood of the user just by listening to their voice and can remind the user of important things such as medication.

In addition, Sentai has different sensors that track the user’s movements and provide updates to their relatives via an app. So, in case of emergency, the device can immediately inform some of the user’s closest family members. Apart from that, the device can regularly send notifications to relatives and caregivers, allowing them to have peace of mind.


During the COVID-19 pandemic

Marshman stated that being unable to be physically present for the elderly loved ones can be tough for both the caregiver and the family member. He explained that anxiety and stress are the main side effects in such situations, especially during the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown.

Since nobody knows when the pandemic will end, using an innovative device like Sentai can help the elderly go through the whole situation without harmful side effects. Marshman hopes that the device will provide the best solution to the detrimental impacts of isolation with its unique care to the elderly.

In the future, the team plans to fully integrate Sentai into the IoT connected home space, enabling it to control other smart devices in the home. Currently, the device is available for pre-purchase with an early bird discounted price of £299.

YouTube: Sentai Introduction Clip

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