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ITIL 4 Overview for All Who Can’t Decide for a Training [Video]

To people who know me, it might not be news to hear that I am a bit of an IT service management (ITSM) geek. What’s that about in a nutshell? There are basically frameworks of processes out there, which help you governing IT services and managing processes with the target of reducing risk and outages. One of the most popular methodologies out there is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and the latest version is ITIL 4.

Today I want to show you some videos by Steve Lawless from Purple Griffon, about the various ITIL 4 courses that are available. To be frank, I was mostly invested in ITIL 3, the slightly older version of the framework, so I was curious myself and I’m happy to see that the method, which I already found excellent, was developed even further to meet all the demands of our time and age.

Doing IT service management trainings online from remote locations was a nice-to-have option before, but the COVID-19 pandemic made sure this is the new standard, which must be offered by all good IT training providers. So, of course, you can also arrange for high-quality professional education and certificates without the need for physical events.

Here are some rather insightful videos from Purple Griffon that can help you get a better understanding of the contents of a particular ITIL 4 subject before you opt in to register for a full course. The clips are recordings of webinars, but I still thought they might be beneficial for some of you who are looking to learn more about the subject matter of managing IT services. Enjoy!

YouTube: ITIL 4 Foundation Webinar

YouTube: ITIL 4 Create, Deliver, Support

YouTube: Managing Professional Transitions

YouTube: Direct, Plan & Improve

YouTube: Drive Stakeholder Value

YouTube: ITIL 4 High-Velocity IT

YouTube: ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy

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