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Great leaders do more than just delegate. They support their teams and inspire them to reach their full potential, too. Part of this is ensuring that their teams are equipped with the necessary skills to efficiently work on the tasks of today, as well as strategically plan for the professional skills they will need in the future. Investing in your teams’ potential not only boosts motivation and creates a good work culture, but is also better for the bottom line.

You can send people off to do courses elsewhere, or sometimes it makes financial sense to bring an external trainer in for a day or two. However, these two options can sometimes be a scheduling nightmare. Furthermore, while we hope that the pandemic will improve swiftly, it is clear that in-person training may not be an option for some time. Enter online training.

Online training enables businesses to move their Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives off-site and into the homes of their employees. And with over a third of the world under lockdown orders, there is no doubt that online learning initiatives will have high engagement rates. One company that is helping businesses do this is GoSkills.

What does GoSkills have to offer?

GoSkills is an interesting tool for individual remote training and elearning, and on top of this, it offers a free Learning Management System (LMS) to businesses of all sizes. When first visiting their website, you can quickly see the company was born in the digital age, with modern design and easy-to-use elements that give you an appetite to jump in and start learning.

Six Sigma Course GoSkills

Their course offering includes knowledge worker basics such as Microsoft Office (from beginner to expert level) and also includes more specialized courses such as Lean Six Sigma, project management methodologies, and office productivity. When you browse their course catalog, you will also see training for soft skills as well as hard skills such as finance, design, and development.

If you plan on using GoSkills for your team, I would recommend giving everyone access to all courses on the platform. This way, your team can explore the courses freely, and this may result in unearthing hidden talent amongst your peers. Diamonds in the rough, so to say, have an interest in a subject but never had the chance to dig into the subject matter until now. I’ve seen that happen many times.

People are more than a name and a role, but they need to be encouraged to grow to their potential. Seeing how sometimes geo-restrictions prevent people from abroad from learning online it’s worth mentioning as well that GoSkills is an international platform that can be accessed by countries around the globe.

If your team members have access to the GoSkills platform to browse courses freely, they don’t have to block whole days in their calendar for training and self-development. GoSkills provides bite-sized training courses that can easily be taken as a micro-learning session. People can do a quick course if their meeting is over earlier than expected or maybe browse for more professional knowledge in their lunch break. I like the approach of that as well as it helps to stay agile in an agile world.

Are they qualified?

The GoSkills instructors are experienced professionals who are experts in their field. All courses on GoSkills are created in-house to ensure that their high-quality standards are met. Being the curious person I am, I went into the project management course because I used to be an IT project manager myself, and with that felt like I could better identify what’s what.

I was happy to see that their course is led by an instructor who is a Microsoft MVP as well, which is a title not everybody can obtain. GoSkills is also qualified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) who are, next to PRINCE2 in the UK, the most renowned certification body in the industry. So, yes, check. The courses on GoSkills are structured and can successfully convey professional skills from instructors to students. All students will receive a certification of a passed course, which can also be verified by others on the website.

Softskills GoSkills

And there’s more

It’s also interesting to note that professionals with experience in teaching others can apply to become GoSkills instructors. Teachers are being paid one-off for the production of the course and they also receive a royalty depending on how popular their courses are. It’s not disclosed how much one could earn by doing that, but I’d imagine it would make not only for a useful income but could also help experts to increase their brand and professional reach.

As noted above, another thing for Enterprises to take note of is that GoSkills has a free learning management system. The LMS allows you to upload educational content items and professional training courses that are made exclusively for your organization. I’m sure you’re familiar with how every company has its own training and procedures and processes that people have to learn, so check out GoSkill’s sophisticated, yet easy to learn platform if you think it could serve your business.

Limited time offer

Lastly, I want to make sure you also take note of a sales event that GoSkills is currently offering to new customers. They have presently cut their subscription cost to $199 (33% off from the regular pricing) for a full year of browsing all course material without restrictions. I don’t know how long that will last, but if this is relevant for you, you might want to check it out sooner than later. It would be a pity to miss that one out.

YouTube: Why GoSkills? | GoSkills Learning Platform (LMS)

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Priscilla Du Preez. The screenshots are part of the GoSkills website and owned by them.
Editorial notice: This article has been prepared in collaboration with partners.

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