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Interview: Sakari Suhonen on the Benefit of SIAM

Stuck in the cloud? Keen to break out of traditional frameworks and look into other approaches such as SIAM (Service Integration And Management)? Regina Yulo from BrightTALK interviews Efecte CEO Sakari Suhonen and gets his insights on how even smaller enterprises can benefit from SIAM.

Sakari is presenting alongside a group of esteemed practitioners and industry leaders at BrightTALK’s Emerging Trends and Technologies in ITSM summit live this week. See the full summit line-up here: https://www.brighttalk.com/r/sdQ

Please give us some information on what your webinar will be about and what key takeaways viewers can expect from it:

In our webinar, we will discuss what the current dilemmas CIOs are facing and how CIOs need to mirror IT related issues against enterprise services. We present three key issues and takeaways related to those, which revolve around SIAM, and how we currently see it.

What do you believe are the main challenges that ITIL has when it comes to adapting to the fast-changing IT landscape?

ITIL is rather broad and rigid framework if applied as-is. The main challenge for ITIL is to make it more adaptable, and usable from users or process owners perspective. From our perspective, it also lacks some key processes which we’ll discuss under the topic fundamental change in ITSM.

Can you talk a little more about service management in the cloud?

Vendors who offer Service Management from the cloud have been increasing as well as the demand for it. If we look at the history, this has been available for years as a service with different terms than cloud. Efecte’s first cloud or as-a-service customers are from 2005.

We have been concentrating on key issues related to cloud or as-a-service-model in ITSM industry; integrations, security and localization. This is why our solution is always available from the local country where the customer demand is, so we are proud to say that our solution is in essence vendor or “cloud platform”independent. It also comes with plug-and-play integrations, and we use our own IAM software as part of the service to provide extra security for our customers.

How do you think SIAM and Enterprise Service Management solutions can help organisations in ways that ITSM and ITIL haven’t been able to do?

I think the biggest change we will see is in the governance part of SIAM. If you think about enterprise services, most of them are related directly to organization and personnel data. This aspect introduces whole new stack of identity-related questions; who can access to what data, and how externals process and access the data.

Current discussions of SIAM framework are mostly directed to service towers, or vendor management, but for us the current proposed SIAM framework includes elements of identity management, which most vendors are neglecting.

So, if ITIL and ITSM gave IT organizations processes and tools to operate, SIAM and Enterprise Service Management provides all services and ways to manage governance to whole organization.

Which 2014 trends are you in favour of?

For us Digitalization is a huge trend where we see plenty of development areas, and IT as a broker – or SIAM – trend are gaining huge share in our discussions.

I think the current state of economy have put IT units in scrutiny, and they are forced to start thinking more from business perspective. These two trends reflects pretty well that state; how to provide better solutions for business and how to take business needs better into account.

Which trends do you think should get left behind and forgotten?

We still see some discussions over BYOD trend, and for me that should be left behind. Or not left behind totally, but rather altered to discuss more about Bring Your Own Technology which is what is currently happening.

End users are more and more looking to do things easier, and they are using own devices, applications or broader technology to get the job done.

Sakari’s webinar is available on demand now. Make sure to watch it here: https://www.brighttalk.com/r/RdQ

Photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg

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